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student-849825_1920Hello, everyone. In today’s day and age, working online is becoming more and more common. Some companies look to hire specifically for teleworkers. There are perks for the employer and the employee. The employers don’t have to provide office space, work equipment or parking. Employees don’t have to worry about being in morning or evening rush hour traffic. That’s a great perk. I get frustrated being in traffic from time to time. Employees also don’t have to worry about paying for gas for work since they don’t have to drive to the office anymore. Last, but not least, employees don’t have to worry about getting a new suit or dress every few months for work. As a teleworker, you can wear whatever you want to. If you’re like me, you realize that those are some pretty good pros. You may be wondering how to prepare for an online job. Here are a few tips.

Consider starting a website of blog

Many people submit resumes online looking for these types of jobs. While that’s fine, you could be better off by creating a blog or website. With the blog, you can promote the specific skill set that you offer. The site would include samples of your work, a unique homepage that has your skills and contact info on it.

Refine and focus

When you’re looking for an online job, consider looking for a company that you are interested in working for. Once you find that company, contact the hiring manager. Figure out what they are looking for and see if teleworking is an option.  Targeting a particular company and offering your skills helps you to refine your search. That way you will only look for jobs that you really want, and those employers are likely to want you. Check the company’s website for a form or a person of contact.

Social Networking

If you’re going to be working online, then it might pay to have an online presence. Websites like LinkedIn can be helpful for exchanging business and contact info. LinkedIn is also useful for networking. There are several groups that you can join. For example, I’m in a few marketing groups on there. People share valuable information about the industry in the group.

Something else you can do is to create a Facebook page for the blog that you created earlier. It’s another way for you to advertise your services. Here is an example of my FB page. Also, look for groups or pages on FB or LinkedIn that promote jobs. There are a lot of them out there. Some examples are job boards that are geared toward web designers or freelance writers. Find and join ones that match your skill set.


In 2016, doing a video resume is a viable option. A few years ago this wasn’t even a thing. A video resume can act as a precursor to an interview. A perspective employer can get a feel for you. They can see your demeanor, see and hear your speaking style and they can know what you look like. The video resume can be posted on the about page of your website.

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