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firefighters-1717920_1920Finding a job can be very tough when you’re unemployed. You’re on job boards like Indeed and Monster every day, but you don’t have any luck. Have you ever thought about applying for jobs on Craigslist? That website has a good jobs section. This post will go over several ways that will help you find a job on Craigslist.

Apply for a legitimate company

Craigslist has a lot of areas on their job section. Some of them are admin/office, education, general labor, human resources, marketing, real estate and security. You want to make sure you’re applying to a legitimate company. If the job posting doesn’t have a company name or a website link, I wouldn’t apply to it. You would just be wasting your time.

Research company

Once you find a job that you’re interested in applying for, research the company. You want to see where the corporation is located. You need to know that because of commute options. You also should check the company’s history and values to make sure that is the place you want to work at. Also, see if they have compensation and benefits info on there. If the results of your research were good, feel free to apply for that job. If some things seem questionable, consider applying to more places.

Shady job postings

When looking at job postings, make sure that you pay attention to everything on it. If a job posting is asking you to pay money or asking you for your account info, stay far away from it. Those types of postings are scams. The people that post those things prey on the gullible and uninformed. Think about it for a second, have you had to pay to get job info or pay for a job interview? Hopefully, your answer is no. I know I haven’t. When applying for jobs be mindful of Craigslist scams.

Repeated Ads

If you see an ad posted over and over again, the chances are that it’s not the job that you’re looking for. While the job might not be a scam, it may not be worth your time. You won’t see quality jobs posted over and over again in multiple job sections. If you see something like that, ignore it.

Trust you gut

If a job seems too good to be true, it probably is. If the job posting is trying to offer you money asap, it’s possibly a scam. Make sure that you read everything that’s on the posting. When you’re doing your job search on Craigslist, trust your gut. It may save you from wasting your time.

When finding a job on Craigslist, it’s important to apply for jobs with legit companies, research the company, ignore shady job postings, ignore ads that you see over and over again and to trust your gut. If you do those things, I’m sure that you will be able to find a job on Craigslist.

Have you ever found a job on Craigslist before? What tips do you have?

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