Julie Morse
Allstate Insurance has unleashed an insurance program app that determines your monthly payments based on your driving skills. Most insurance programs evaluate a series of demographic factors like age, income, marital status, gender, income, and education level to calculate your premiums. Of course, your driving skills cannot be accurately judged based on criteria such as...
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Ally Invest has come on the scene as the latest hot bargain trading platform. Formally known as TradeKing, Ally Financial Inc. purchased the brokerage firm in June 2016. Ally Invest acts as the low-cost brokerage branch of Ally Bank, one of the world’s largest online banks. Ally Invest has become popular with investment nerds, counting...
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With credit and debit cards dominating the way we do financial transactions, we rarely consider what it would be actually like to carry around loose change. Acorns, a spare-change investment app, is trying to bring back the archaic practice of hoarding those left-over pennies by turning them into a basic investment strategy. The app rounds...
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Q: I found the car of my dreams. It has great gas mileage, four-wheel drive, seat heaters, and a DVD video system. As luck would have it, this perfect vehicle is out of my price range, and I’m trying to strategize ways to finance it. About a decade ago, I had to default on my...
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