14 Ridiculously Random Tips That Could Save You Lots Of Money


Want to save some money? There are so many ways to save money that are published in articles all day, every day.

It can be tiring to sort through them and find the ones that work for you, so we decided to scour the internet and find some of the best ones to share with you. But we couldn’t decide which ones to share with you, so we just decided to share the ones we liked, which means that these are pretty random!

You may have heard all the basic frugal tips, but here are some random money-saving tips we curated from the internet that might help you save extra cash.

If you want to save money, you probably have read hundreds of different ways, from downloading coupon apps to getting free stuff and everything in between, so let’s get to some random ones!

Let’s get started and save some money in really random ways.

Be Lazy When Shopping for Car Insurance

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Car insurance is a must-have. It gives you peace of mind. However, it could be expensive depending on where you buy it. One random trick to get a reduced car insurance rate is to take your time when shopping around for one. Compare many providers without committing to one and let them know you are looking for the best. They will try to outsmart each other by giving you the best rates possible.

Threaten To Cancel Your ISP

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Call your internet provider and threaten to cancel your contract. They will naturally inquire why. Tell them you found another that could provide better service at a lower rate. They will be inclined to try and match what the ‘other’ provider is offering to keep you as their client. You get better services at a reduced rate.

Try Minimalistic Living

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Minimalistic living is not for everyone, but it is a sure way of keeping yourself frugal. You won’t have use for clutter in your life. The less clutter you need, the more money you save. Minimalistic people own things that provide value to them. For instance, a few pairs of comfortable practical shoes, basic cleaning supplies, good healthy food, and other necessities.

Stay in a Place You Can Afford

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Most money can be saved on housing costs. Find a place that is as small and as cheap to maintain as you can while still meeting your needs without too much sacrifice. Move to a safe but less costly area and save money.

Check Second-Hand Options First

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This may not be a random tip, but it works perfectly when you want to buy quality items at a discount—scout yards and garage sales near you to get good deals on items you need. Facebook Marketplace and other online auction avenues could also be great places to get quality second-hand items at good prices.

Invest in an Annual Membership to a Local Attraction

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If you are near a city, investing in an annual membership to a local attraction can work out to help lighten the entertainment budget over time. Most places have an annual sale, and it’s best to wait until then or be prepared to wait until next year.

Get Roommates

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This works best when you are single or when your partner agrees with you.  Roommates will help offset living costs and probably give you enough to offset your mortgage. If you do not have a large family, you can share your house with others to help you pay off your mortgage faster.

Send Any Extra Income to Savings

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Any time you get a raise or bonus or transfer jobs to a higher wage, set an auto deposit up so that the extra amount goes to savings. For instance, if you make $1/check, then get a raise to $1.05/check auto deposit $0.05 into savings and use $1 normally. This stops lifestyle inflation.

Go For Timeless, Solid Furniture

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When decorating your home, opt for timeless, solid wood furniture for tables, shelving, and more permanent furniture. Change the pillows, frames, and knick-knacks with trends if that’s important to you. Minimalism is easy to clean and is less of an investment. Plus, a lack of clutter will help with stress.

Learn To Fix Anything That Breaks in Your Life

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Take care of your things and do the scheduled maintenance on your car. Learn to do basic stuff on your car. Learn how to change tires, wiper blades, air filters, headlight bulbs, and most fluids. Learn how to fix things around the house.

Unless something is broken, you probably do not need the services of an expensive expert. YouTube DIY channels can help you fix a lot of things around your house.

Send Your Savings Into a Separate Account

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Do not send your savings into your general checking account. For instance, say you get paid $1000 every other week. Rather than have the entire amount dumped into your checking account, set up a money market account and have your company send $900 to the checking account and $100 to the money market fund; if that’s not an option at work, then schedule a recurring transfer from checking to savings on the days you get paid. If you can’t do that, then manually do it. These savings will have a compounding effect in the future.

Get the Minimum Supplies You Need for a Hobby

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If you want to start a new hobby, get the minimum amount of supplies, tools, or equipment needed to start. Then upgrade later as needed. For example, if you want to start biking, buy a cheap bike (300$) instead of the $1000+ bike you drool over. You may upgrade to another bike later when your skills improve.

Eat Less, Spend Less

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Nothing eats into our savings more than food and unplanned expenses. The only guaranteed way to lower your weight is to eat less. The only guaranteed way to lower your debt is to spend less money.

Sign Up for Your Supermarket Reward Points Program

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Sign up for your supermarket reward points program. The same goes for your gas station. In fact, sign up for all the rewards points that you can. If it’s free and it gives you points, then grab them. Slowly, you will get points, coupons, and birthday rewards that will add up.

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