Need Fast Cash? Here Are 5 Ways to Make a Quick Buck


No matter who you are, you need to have money in order to survive. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to make or save money in a way that allows you to pay off all of your expenses. If you find yourself in a situation where you need cash quickly, there are some things you can do in order to get the money you need.

Sell Unused Belongings

If you own valuable items that have gone unused for quite some time, you can sell them to make some extra money. While you likely won’t be able to get as much as you originally paid for it, it will still be more than you had before. Look into local pawn shops. On average, a pawn shop will offer you $248 for a Macbook Pro and $446 for a diamond ring. This could be enough money to get you started on paying your expenses.

You can also have a yard sale or list items on online marketplace websites. This will take some extra effort, but you’ll be able to set your own prices and handle the sales yourself.

Take Surveys

Consumer marketing is a huge business. As of 2019, the electronic consumer market in the United States is worth $301 billion. Marketers want to be sure that they’re selling products people want in a way that is attractive to them. You can make money by answering surveys and participating in focus groups about different products. Sometimes, you can also save money as well by receiving free products on top of your payment.

Take Out a Loan

If you need money fast, a loan is also an option for you. However, it is essential that you understand what kind of loan you’re taking out and what your responsibilities will be. Quick loans are very different from mortgage loans. While a mortgage’s interest rate averages about 3.99% over 30 years, a quick loan will have a much higher interest rate. So, you will ultimately end up paying a lot more than the amount you borrow. While this can be risky and unappealing to some, it is still a possible way to get money quickly. Talk to your bank about your options.

Food Delivery

You don’t need to get hired by a restaurant to do food delivery. There are many apps that hire drivers to deliver to hungry customers from various restaurants. While you need to get approved to drive for them, once you’re in, you can sign up for delivery shifts whenever you want. If you need to make money, you can drive a little or take on several hours of deliveries. Many will also let you cash out immediately after your shift is over. This can be a great way to quickly earn some cash on a night where you’re not doing anything else.

Donate Plasma

If you have a hospital near you, you can look into donating plasma in exchange for money. To do this, you should be a physically healthy person. You’ll need to follow the hospital’s instructions and take care of your body, but they will pay you for your donation. Make sure you speak with your doctor before making any commitments.

Sometimes, even if you save money, you still need to earn more in order to cover your expenses. By doing quick tasks like these, you can earn enough to fill in the gaps when you need it. While anyone can do any of these, there might be some that fit your situation better than others. Decide which one fits your schedule and your needs best, then give it a try. All five of these suggestions can help you stay on top of your financial responsibilities.