30 Super Simple Ways To Save Money at Home in 2024


Looking for some ways to save money at home? Now is the time to cut expenses, save some money, and keep your money in your wallet. Here are some simple ways to save money at home this year. Whether it’s as simple as switching what you buy when you go to the store or being a little more creative in the ways you use items in your home, maybe some of these ways will work for you!

Here are 30 ways to save money at home and put more in your pocket.

1. Buy Generic Brands

San Leandro, CA - October 18, 2017: Grocery store shelf with cans of Great Value brand vegetables. Great Value is a Walmart brand product.
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Generic brands work in just the same way that the name brands do, but you’ll pay less to get them. This can save you a lot on your weekly shopping trips. Did you know that some generic brands are exactly the same as the branded items? You get the same item for a cheaper price. Win-Win!

2. Use a Library for Books and Movies

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We all need books and movies, but you don’t necessarily have to pay for them. Visit the library for free books and movies and borrow what you need.

3. Create a Budget

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If you have a firm budget in place, you can save money by keeping your spending within those parameters. No budget often means no limits on your spending. This is one of the ways to save money at home that everyone should follow every month.

4. Buy In-Season Produce

Squash summer squash on display at the farmers market
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Produce costs much less when it’s in season at the time you buy it. When it isn’t, it’s been shipped from far away and will cost more.

5. Reduce Food Waste

Couple throwing away raw meat in kitchen at home
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Most people have to throw out a lot of food because it goes bad. You can track what you buy and see how much you use. The next time you buy it, you can buy less of the items you don’t use quickly.

6. Reduce Meat Consumption

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Meat is pricey, and it’s getting even pricier. When you focus more on produce and grains, you can save money as well as have a healthier diet.

7. Cancel Cable TV

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There’s no need to have cable TV anymore. A streaming service can take its place for a fraction of the amount you’ve been paying for cable.

8. Cancel Unused Memberships

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Think you’ll go to the gym any time now? If you haven’t been in a while, you don’t need that membership. Get rid of it for immediate savings.

9. Opt for Staycations

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There are few things more expensive than a vacation. The next time you have some time off, spend it relaxing at home. You’ll save money and still get in that relaxation time.

10. DIY Home Repairs

Side view of handsome installer holding screwdriver near kitchen cabinet
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Labor costs are expensive for any work you need to do at home. Save on that cost by doing your repairs yourself. There’s a YouTube video available on fixing virtually anything.

11. Plant Trees for Shade

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When you have shade, you can keep your home from getting too hot from direct sunlight. This will mean the air conditioner won’t need to be run as often.

12. Use a Rain Barrel for Watering Plants

Rainwater harvesting: Pre-Monsoon Summer rains in May in Kerala, India. Copious amounts of water run drown from the rooftop. Runoff water is collected in polymer tanks. World water day.
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Plants need plenty of water, but you don’t have to pay for it. With a rain barrel, you can collect water and use as much as you like on your plants for free.

13. Turn Off Appliances Completely

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While appliances are on, even if you aren’t using them, they are often drawing power. Turn them all the way off to save on your power bill.

14. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

man toasting with beer
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Alcohol is empty calories, and it’s also expensive. Cutting down on alcohol, or cutting it out, can save you a lot over the course of the year.

15. Cancel Magazine Subscriptions

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The pictures and articles you want are generally available online. Don’t pay for a subscription to something you can get for free.

16. Buy Used Furniture

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Furniture is a huge expense, but like cars, it depreciates quickly. Buy your furniture used to pay less. It’s usually easier to afford these pieces, and you can get items used in great condition.

17. Install a Water-Saving Toilet

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A low-flow toilet will still work the way a toilet should. As often as toilets are used, you can save a lot by having less water flow in every time someone uses it.

18. Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Middle-aged Latin man with headphones drinking water from a reusable water bottle.
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Buying a bottle of water actually costs more than buying the same amount of gas. Use water from the tap to save big by cutting out those purchases.

19. Purchase Store-Brand Medications

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These have the exact same active ingredients as the name brand, but they can cost half the price.

20. Buy Used Appliances

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A good appliance will work well for a long time. That’s why it can be so helpful to your wallet to buy them used. They can still work well but will cost much less than buying them new.

21. Use a Crockpot for Cooking

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When you never feel like cooking in the evening, it may be tempting to order out. However, that’s a highly expensive option. Use the crockpot and save that money. Dinner will be ready with very little work needed.

22. Limit Takeout and Dining Out

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It’s always less expensive to make food at home. Plan meals to eat at home so that you won’t be prone to eating out or ordering in.

23. Repair Clothing Instead of Replacing It

Women using sewing machine
Image Credit: OlgaZakrevskaya via DepositPhotos.com.

Good clothing is expensive, but it will eventually have holes and worn places. Instead of replacing it, learn a few repair techniques and keep wearing those pieces.

24. Use a Budgeting App

tracking expenses.
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When you know you need a budget but have little time for creating one, using an app can help get it done. And you’ll always have your budget handy to refer to.

25. Buy Secondhand Clothes

Thrift Store for the Second hand Used pans ,shirts,
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Clothing can be nearly free when it’s used. There are countless places where you can buy used clothing that’s in great condition.

26. Make Your Own Gifts

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Gift buying can be a financial burden. But it doesn’t have to be. Use your skills to make things at home that you can give as gifts for much less.

27. Use Public Transportation

Unidentified people jaywalk
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This is one of the ways to save money at home that will save you the most. The cost of gas and vehicle upkeep can be crippling. Use public means of travel to avoid it.

28. Unplug Chargers When Not in Use

Men's hands are Plug in power outlet adapter cord charger of laptop computer On wooden floor With sun Warm light.
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If you aren’t using your chargers, they should be unplugged to keep them from continuing to use electricity.

29. Buy Rechargeable Batteries

Smartphone charging with cable on light stone table
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The cost of batteries is only going up, but you don’t have to pay to replace yours. Instead, buy batteries that can be charged and used over and over again.

30. Repair Appliances Instead of Replacing Them

Smiling young man standing with electric fan on yellow
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IgorVetushko via DepositPhotos.com.

When something’s broken, you replace it, right? A better way is to repair your appliances and hold onto them for much longer.

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