15 Ways To Save Money By Going Shopping And Spending Money


They say sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Putting your money into items that can save you money is a great idea. There are some amazing ways to save money by spending money on these money-saving purchases.

And while some of these things won’t necessarily put the kids through college, everything on this list is worth considering picking up to grow your savings.

LED Light Bulbs

Electric LED Lightbulb Change In Light At Home.
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Switch out your regular light bulbs for LEDs. They’re significantly more energy-efficient and last years longer than incandescent.

Quality Clothing

Happy woman stands in a fashion store, carefully choosing clothing items to buy. She browses through racks of stylish clothes, examining each one closely before making a decision.
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A pair of Levi’s might cost a bit more upfront than a fast fashion brand, but high-quality clothes last for years, while a cheaper pair might only make it a few months.

A Coffee Maker

A black drip electric coffee machine with a glass teapot brews a morning drink. Household appliances, a white cup and a jar of beans on the kitchen table on the countertop at home
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Listen up, latte lovers: making coffee at home is easier than you think. Throw some money down today and make a homemade latte every morning from here on out for less than a dollar.

A Programmable Thermostat

Portrait of smiling woman lowers the temperature on digital thermostat at home. Energy saving, efficient and smart technology.
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This is another example of something that might have a higher initial ticket price that can save you a ton on energy expenses. Adjust your HVAC to run less frequently when you’re not around, and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll save.

A Good Smartphone Case

Young millennial female using social network application on mobile phone for communication. Caucasian hipster girl holding smartphone in silicone case. Teenager browsing online with internet data
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Smartphones are expensive, and replacing them can be obnoxious. Shell out a few extra dollars for a good smartphone case and never struggle with a cracked screen again.

Cloth Napkins

White linen napkins, flower and ceramic plates top view with sunlight shadow on white background with copy space.
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Hear us out — paper towels or paper napkins are single-use, so even though you aren’t saving enough to retire from switching, buying cloth napkins saves you a decent chunk of change.

Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries in a battery charger. Four AA batteries in a charger with a green display showing the level of charge. NI-MH and LI-MH battery.
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Same deal: if you’re going through batteries like water, buying rechargeable ones will save you the time, money, and hassle of constantly picking up new ones.

Baking Soda

Woman using baking soda to unclog sink drain, closeup
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Perhaps another surprise entry to some, but you’re underestimating baking soda’s power. It can do everything from washing your produce to melting ice on sidewalks — all for a few bucks.

A Vacuum Sealer

Woman using sealer for vacuum packing with plastic bag of zucchini at white table in kitchen, closeup
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If you’re constantly heading down to the farmer’s market only to realize you can’t eat everything before it goes bad, this is a must. Use it to help things keep way beyond their average expiration.

A Crockpot or Instant Pot

Instant Pot pressure cooker on kitchen counter with beans and rice.
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Anyone who says they don’t have time to cook is probably spending too much money on carry-out or fast food. Crock Pots can help you save money on food costs by coming home to an inexpensive and likely healthier dinner with minimal effort.

An Air Fryer

Cooking potatoes and carrot sticks with spices in an air fryer
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Air fryers can help make leftovers more delicious, fry up some vegetables in a snap, and generally make your kitchen experience much more streamlined, so you’re less likely to waste food and, therefore, money.

A Travel Mug

Close up of male's hand holding thermo mug with hot coffee driving in a car
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If you’re like most of the world, you just can’t go anywhere without your coffee. So don’t get caught unawares and settle on spending $4 for a cup of black coffee; make it at home and take it with you.

A Soda Stream

Soda Steam brand Fizzi kitchen gadget turns regular water into carbonated, sparkling water. Product is sitting on a retail store shelf
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It’s time to fess up: you love sparkling water. It’s okay; this is a judgment-free zone! However, it likely means you’re spending too much on cans or bottles of mineral water. If you’re going to drink it anyway, grab a Soda Stream and make your own soda at home!

Reusable Snack Bags

Hiking snacks in reusable bags
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They’re eco-friendly and cost-effective! Pick up a set that makes having snacks on the go easier. Not only will you save money on plastic bags, but you’re less likely to impulse buy snacks if you’ve got some pretzels ready.

A Sewing Kit

Elderly woman holding a sewing kit with colored twisted yarn
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Learning a few basic mending techniques through a quick YouTube tutorial means you can bring virtually any article of clothing back to life in a few simple stitches and prevent yourself from an unnecessary online shopping excursion.

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