June 2010
Referrals are a win-win situation! The referred party typically gets some sort of special deal while the referring party gets some sort of compensation. Just check out all the newly added affiliate advertisements on the right-hand side. You’ll get some great offers, and I’ll get a nice “thank you” ;) There’s never really any backlash...
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Referred to as the “Counter-Culture Club”, the book – Enjoy Your Money: How to Make it, Save it, Invest it, and Give it by J. Steve Miller – chronicles a group of young friends who, interestingly enough, met during in-school suspension. In trying to learn more about each other, they come to the realization they...
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If you’ve heard of Zillow, and like it, then you need to check out  A guest post from Dr. Boyer, the article argues that one can’t simply look at interest rates when considering mortgages.  Understanding other factors, like how long you intend to keep the loan, are required in order to make the right...
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How much time are you willing to spend to prevent fraud? Would you spare 5 minutes? That’s all it takes to complete the OptOutPrescreen form. And the best part, you have two options: 5 years or forever. After launching the program, many people were confused considering it to be fraud. Rightly so, the program is...
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