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Employee Referrals: The Double-Edged Bonus

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Referrals are a win-win situation! The referred party typically gets some sort of special deal while the referring party gets some sort of compensation. Just check out all the newly added affiliate advertisements on the right-hand side. You’ll get some great offers, and I’ll get a nice “thank you” ;)

There’s never really any backlash for referring others to products or services. Once the transaction has been made, each party continues on their merry ways. If the referred is no longer happy, they can easily leave. On the opposite end, they can start making referrals themselves if they’re very happy.

Most people know the different adages about employment, namely:

it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”.

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Book Review – Enjoy Your Money

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New Book Review   Enjoy Your MoneyReferred to as the “Counter-Culture Club”, the book – Enjoy Your Money: How to Make it, Save it, Invest it, and Give it by J. Steve Miller – chronicles a group of young friends who, interestingly enough, met during in-school suspension.

In trying to learn more about each other, they come to the realization they all had one thing in common – a general lack of understanding about money. Having parents with poor financial habits and seeing them struggle, they looked for guidance. This came somewhat unexpectedly in the form of an older, Social Studies teacher no one paid much attention to.

What followed was a series of breakfasts at a local diner where the group learned everything from saving for retirement to car shopping. The group even picked up an additional member, one of the wait staff! The group entertains a host of guest speakers – people they never would have thought were financially successful until they heard their stories. Most of the individuals came from meager means, but were able to build wealth through education and sound financial principles.

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Fraud Prevention in Under 5 Minutes

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2991457976 4b9e078c0e 199x300 Fraud Prevention in Under 5 MinutesHow much time are you willing to spend to prevent fraud? Would you spare 5 minutes?

That’s all it takes to complete the OptOutPrescreen form.

And the best part, you have two options: 5 years or forever.

After launching the program, many people were confused considering it to be fraud. Rightly so, the program is hosted through the big credit reporting agencies. If it looks like a phish, and smells like a phish, then it must be a phishing scam – right?

The FTC now provides an information page to dispel these myths.

So, how does the program add another layer of protection to your identity?

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“Enough” by John Bogle – Wrapping Up: What’s Enough?

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What’s Enough For Me

I have never played in that billion-dollar-plus major league; nor, for that matter, even in its hundred-million-dollar-plus league. Why not? Simply because as the founder of Vanguard, I created a firm in which the lion’s share of the rewards would be bestowed on the shareholders of the truly mutual mutual funds that compose the Vanguard Group… So, in comparison to nearly all, if not all, of my peers in this business, I’m something of a financial failure. P 234-235

Wellington’s first contribution to the plan was made in July 1951, 15 percent of my first month’s salary of $250, or just $37.50. I’ve continued investing 15 percent of my compensation… After stepping down as Vanguard’s chief executive, I’ve continued to put away 15 percent of the modest annual retainer I receive from the firm. P 236

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