Imagine after being unemployed for a while that you are now on the verge of getting hired. It’s a job that you have been waiting for. You might even call it the perfect job. Landing the perfect job requires a bit more than just experience in your field. It requires the right technique and attitude...
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When you’re unemployed cash flow will likely be tight, and that means you may want to get a loan. Lenders in many cases are reluctant to lend money to those without a secure and steady job or salary. Nevertheless, there are possibilities open, so here is a guide to acquiring a loan if you are...
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After you lose your job, you should take a day or two to reflect. Think about what went wrong and what you want to happen in your next situation. When you think of preparing for a job search, you may visualize gathering paperwork and working on a new computer. While this is part of preparing...
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Being unemployed sucks. It can take you a while to get your next job. In the meantime, your bills don’t stop coming. You still need to make money. Do you like animals? Do you like spending time with pets, particularly¬†dogs? If you do, then dog walking could be a way for you to make extra...
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