$1,200 Cars You Can Buy With Your Stimulus Money

Cars you can buy with your stimulus money

While there are plenty of doom-and-gloom articles regarding this pandemic, we think you deserve a break. While news updates and how-to-survive articles can be helpful, now is the time to relax a little. The fact is, many of you out there need a car. Whether it is for your children or for your own ride to work, knowing what to buy is a vital step. The good news here is that you have, most likely, become the proud new owner of $1,200. Now, the cars you can snag within this budget may not have been on your original shopping list, but there are many car enthusiasts with great ideas for you. To show you some of the coolest cars you can buy with your stimulus money, Vinwiki has had their friends come together and talk about their picks.

About Vinwiki:

Vinwiki is a YouTube creator and app developer that puts out amazing car content. His YouTube channel about cars is one of the most popular around, and the app is loved by enthusiasts everywhere. The Vinwiki app is a fun way to track the VINs of unique or exotic cars and see where in the world they end up. The YouTube content hosts some hilarious and interesting stories from an ensemble of friends and colleagues in the automotive world. Their bounty of knowledge and experience makes them a great group to feature in this video analysis.

In Summary

Okay, so they aren’t all $1,200 on the dot. Some are a decent amount more expensive, but others fall far below. While your #1 choice probably didn’t find its way on this list, there is something here for anybody. The goal of this post was to provide some levity while giving you some optimistic ideas about cars you can buy with your stimulus money – if that is in the cards for you.  Obviously, some of these cars are closer to the budget than others, but if these guys are confident you could haggle down, so am I. Whether you need a new daily driver, or something for your kid to learn in that isn’t too expensive to fix (or wreck), these guys had some great picks for you.

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