4 Ways to Keep Up With the Holidays Without Blowing Your Budget


The holidays are almost here, and with them, a lot of fun and quality time spent bonding with loved ones. Unfortunately, the holidays can also be expensive. It’s a good idea to manage your money well so you don’t go overboard and spend more than you should. Have a look at these simple money management tips below that will help you budget well for the upcoming holidays.

Make Sure You Have Identity Theft Protection

During the holidays, identity theft and cybercrimes tend to increase, making it important to stay alert while online at this time. You can lose a lot of money if someone gets ahold of your card or bank details, for instance, making storage security and data transmission important. Taking the time to set up identity theft protection will be worth it when it helps to protect your bank account.

Write a List

Come up with a list or spreadsheet of all your projected expenses including gifts, food, clothing, travel expenses, and decorations. Whatever you do, stay within your budget by avoiding getting things at the last minute that were not on your initial list. A list helps to keep you accountable, and it’s a great way to keep tabs on your expenditures if you ever need to look back on them for any reason.

Use Cash to Better Keep Track of Your Money

When you don’t physically see the money you’re spending, it can be easy to go over budget. This is why using debit and credit cards is not the best idea for your holiday shopping. Stores will go all out to deck out their shelves and line them with supplies that are meant to appeal to your senses. If you have a seemingly endless supply of money you can spend, which is what it feels like when you use plastic money, there’s bound to be trouble. Approximately 40% of ATM users surveyed use ATMs about eight to 10 times a month, which can add up when you consider ATM fees associated with taking out cash. Consider getting your holiday budget from the bank instead so you don’t need to spend $2 to $3 every time you need money.

Use a Reusable Mask When Shopping

Disposable masks with fun holiday prints may be tempting, but you will only be able to wear one once. A reusable mask, on the other hand, can be washed and reused each time you go out, presenting you with savings. What’s more, reusable masks can also help you reduce the risk of catching a cold, 50% of which occur during the spring and fall.

With the holiday season approaching fast, now is the best possible time to begin budgeting so you don’t break the bank once the holidays actually arrive. Put these four money management tips to use and you’re bound to see an impressive change.

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