6 Signs You’ve Gone From Frugal to Cheapskate

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Being frugal is a good way to live your life, but it’s possible to take things a little too far, and that’s when you start being too cheap. If you’ve crossed the line from frugal to a cheapskate, then it may get more challenging for you to maintain friendships and enjoy your life wholly.

Sometimes, our pursuits to save money make us pay an extra price, and that’s when we’ve got to intervene and change a few things up. Here are some obvious signs that you have gone from frugal to too cheap.

The Quality of Things You Buy Is Cheaper Than the Price

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It’s all good to buy ‘cheap’ things to save extra money, but when the things that you are buying are so cheap, and the quality has therefore gone out the window, then it may be time for you to do some pondering. For some things, it just makes sense to pay a higher price at first rather than needing to purchase another one further down the line due to failed quality.

For example, clothes and appliances that are too cheap will never stand the test of time, and when the price and quality are so low, they are going to have to be replaced in any way, meaning you’ll be spending more money in the long run.

Judging Friends and Family for Their Financial Choices

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Everyone has the right to choose how they want to be spending their money. It’s great for you to live your own frugal life, but everyone has their philosophy when it comes to spending their money. When you start looking down on others for the regular Starbucks coffees they get or the car they own that costs a lot of money, then you’re turning into ‘that person.’

Nobody likes to hang out with ‘that person’ who thinks they are better than others because ‘they know best how to work with money.’ Try not to turn into that judgy frugal person as it may cost you your relationships over time.

You Drive Far to Save a Few Bucks

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It’s great to try to catch a bargain, but when you’re driving all across town just to save a few bucks, you’re probably spending the money you’d save on gas anyway.

Saving Money Is All You Think About

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If you spend almost every waking hour thinking about how you can save every little penny, you can’t enjoy life. Being frugal is great, but when your life revolves around it, you’re taking things a bit too far.

You’re Buying Into Deals That You Don’t Need

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Everybody loves a good deal, but when you purchase something that’s on sale just because it’s on sale and you probably won’t use it, you may be in trouble!

Saving Nearly Spoiled Food

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There are a ton of ways to save extra money on your food purchases, but no matter what- safety should always come first! This means that you shouldn’t try to hold on to food that is spoiled, as you shouldn’t be risking your health over saving a few bucks.

Instead, make sure you only buy perishable food that you know you will consume before its best date.

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