9 Ways to Save Money on Utilities Even on A Shoestring Budget


Utilities can be a huge drain on your finances.  Saving on utilities involves much more than “turn off the light!” In fact, you may not have even heard of some of them (although you should shut the lights and close the door so you don’t heat the whole neighborhood).

There are several ways to reduce your electric bill and other utilities.

Put Dryer Balls in the Dryer

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Dryer balls can be used to decrease drying time, which also helps you save on your clothes’ wear and tear. You may not need fabric softener when using wool balls, which can save you more money. Better still, air dry your clothes to save even more money.

Replace Bulbs

Electric LED Lightbulb Change In Light At Home.
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You should replace your light bulbs with LEDs or CFLs. They’re cheaper and last longer than the old incandescent bulbs.

Use Cold Water

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Use cold water to wash your clothes. Almost all of your dirty clothes can be fully laundered using cold water.

Lower the Thermostat

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Keep your thermostat at a moderate temperature. Overheating or overcooling makes your electric bill astronomical, so keep it at a moderate temperature, and you’ll see the difference. This includes your hot water heater, which doesn’t need to be set to boiling – 120 degrees is plenty to ensure that everyone gets a hot shower.

Invest in Energy-Efficiency

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Buy energy-efficient appliances. You don’t need to go out and exchange all of your appliances immediately. But as your appliances break, replace them with energy-efficient versions. The initial price of these energy savers may be higher, meaning that your initial expenditure will be higher. But you’ll save much more in the long run than you spend.

Optimize Rates

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Check and see if your utility company has “dual time” rates. If it does, run appliances at night whenever possible. That means that while you’re sleeping, your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer can be completing their loads.

“Dual Time” means that the rates for electricity used will be cheaper for night-time use than for day-time use. If your electric company has “flat rates,” it doesn’t matter when you use the electricity because there are no savings for nighttime use.  

Keep Everything In

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Check for air leaks. If air is escaping through faulty doors or windows or even from cracks in the walls, you’re losing your heating and cooling. If you can’t replace faulty doors and windows, cover drafty windows with plastic in the winter and install weather stripping around the doors. Spray foam around the windows and install insulation pads for the electrical outlets to decrease energy costs.

Get a Fan

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Install ceiling fans to cool the house in the summer and circulate the heat in the winter. Then, you can reduce the temperature on your thermostat to save on your furnace and air conditioning units.


Go Low-Flow

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Purchase low-flow shower heads and taps. These devices use less water and conserve it while the water warms up.  

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