5 Best Books on Dividend Investing

Back view of handsome young businessman in casual clothes and eyeglasses reading a book while lying on couch at home.

For those who are new to or interested in dividend investing, it is important to get the best advice possible. With so much information available online, it can be difficult to know which books are the most helpful and reliable when it comes to learning about dividend investing. To help, here is a roundup of … Read more

5 Most Common Reasons People Do Not Invest

5 most common reasons people do not invest

Investing is an important part of personal finance, yet many people do not invest their money. Investing can be intimidating and confusing, and a lack of knowledge about the stock market and other investment types can be a major barrier to entry for some people. We’ll look at the five most common reasons people do … Read more

Do You Pay Taxes on Reinvested Dividends?

Do you pay taxes on reinvested dividends

Reinvested dividends are one of the most popular ways of growing investment portfolios. It is an attractive option, as investors can easily add to their holdings without making additional cash contributions. As for the question of do you pay taxes on reinvested dividends? the answer is a “Yes, but…” as it depends on the type … Read more