How To Plan a Christmas Dinner on a Budget

Christmas Dinner on a Budget

  Gathering together with friends and family is the hallmark of the holidays. Typically, you can find me gathering at someone else’s house, but this year I thought I would host the family Christmas dinner. Given this was a last-minute decision and not something I had accounted for in my December budget, I need to … Read more

How To Turn Your Teenager Into A Millionaire: Retirement For Teens

retirement for teens

As a parent, you should be thinking about retirement for teens because… Time is Money.  Start contributing to retirement when you’re a teen, and you have time on your side. But is it unrealistic to expect a teenager to understand the value of saving money for retirement?  Possibly. After all, what kind of tax deduction … Read more

How to Master Your Money in 2020

Money in the New Year

I love new beginnings. Chapter one, page one, day one, a new season, even Mondays – these are all my favorites. There’s something about the promise of a clean slate and a new landscape. As 2019 comes to a close and 2020 rounds the corner, it’s a perfect time to sit down and plan your … Read more