19 of the Best Stay-At-Home Job Ideas Anyone Can Do To Make Money


Earning money does not have to involve a commute or going to a place of work anymore. Thanks to modern technology, anyone can now work from anywhere as long as they have a strong internet connection.

Because of this, there are now alternative ways of having full-time employment without leaving the comforts of your own home.

The rise of remote work has given job seekers various options for legitimate work. These job opportunities can provide decent pay and a flexible schedule. They are also good sources of work experience that people can add to their resumes.

From remote jobs and quick gigs to side hustles and small businesses, here are stay-at-home job ideas.

Remote Positions on the Rise

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that 40% of the workforce shifted to remote work during the pandemic. Today, many employees prefer working from home to going to the office. While some companies have resorted back to working in person, many remote work opportunities are still available. Stay-at-home job ideas can change as the job market changes, but one thing is for sure: there are many work-from-home opportunities to choose from.

Here are some of the best ones.

Customer Service Representative

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Customer service representative jobs are common remote jobs. The bulk of the responsibility of this position is to take care of the customer on behalf of the company. This includes setting up new customer accounts, taking orders, answering customer questions and concerns, and providing information about the company’s products and services. This customer-facing job requires someone with a flair for interpersonal skills, data entry, and familiarity with using phone systems or platforms.

Data Entry Specialist

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A data entry clerk or specialist is someone who adds data into database systems. Some data entry jobs also deal with converting paper data into electronic format. Data entry jobs may require some previous experience and a strong knowledge of computer programs. It deals with a lot of typing, creating spreadsheets, and transferring data. Completing data entry projects with great accuracy and minimal mistakes will help you find success in this position.

Recruiting Coordinator

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A recruiting coordinator works in human resources. This job mainly deals with finding people in the workforce, maintaining job boards, and attracting candidates to apply for open positions. They consult with hiring managers for their staffing needs to find the right people for the job. Recruiting coordinators implement proper hiring strategies. They evaluate resumes, schedule and conduct interviews of candidates, and manage paperwork.


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Consider working as a proofreader if you have an eye for detail and a strong passion for the written language. A proofreader does not necessarily mean they are also an editor, though.

The responsibility in this job only involves checking the accuracy of the copy or document in terms of spelling, syntax, and grammar down to the last punctuation. Proofreader roles have schedules that depend on whether it’s a full-time job as an in-house proofreader or part-time as a freelancer for a client.

Freelance Writer

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One of the most common stay-at-home job ideas is being a freelance writer. Many companies and private clients seek writers to craft compelling articles to promote their products and services or to ghostwrite about assigned topics.

Writers must have a good command of the required language they need to write in, whether it’s English or otherwise. Some employers look for a portfolio of work to see what kind of writing you have done in your previous job experience. Other clients may require a writing test to prove your skills.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

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Freelance writing, blogging, and affiliate marketing are other ways to earn money while staying at home. Bloggers typically write blog posts or create content for websites. Sometimes, they do this with affiliate marketing in mind. Affiliate marketing means companies pay them to promote products and services through their posts. Bloggers also build a following through writing platforms like Medium. Blog posts generate traffic onto the platform, and bloggers can get compensated for this, depending on their audience’s size.

Marketing Specialist

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Marketing specialists work with companies to examine marketing trends and how they can use that information to create marketing strategies. These roles may require previous marketing experience and an educational background in marketing or business. A marketing specialist has a good understanding of consumer behavior and how they can use that to encourage them to buy products or services. Some of their responsibilities include creating several advertising campaigns and allocating the budget to these projects.

Social Media Manager

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Social media manager jobs are one of the rising stay-at-home job ideas. Because of the internet, companies always try to leverage social media to market themselves. A social media manager is a specialist in using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms to advertise. They are also required to interpret data from Google Analytics to measure how well posts are doing in terms of engagement. They should also be consistent with engagement with the audience by creating a steady flow of social media posts, nurturing the online community, and responding to comments.

Graphic Designer

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Being a graphic designer can offer versatile job opportunities. Graphic designers can work in branding and marketing, printing, or publishing companies. They can be employed as in-house designers or work freelance. Graphic designers create logos, images, and other branding assets for companies that are trying to build their brands. They can also do layouts for books, pamphlets, or posters, or format files to become print-ready materials.

Web Designer

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In the age of the internet, web designers are great stay-at-home job ideas. Designing a website requires an individual who is knowledgeable not only in design principles but also in terms of coding. Web designers are experts in content management systems. These are platforms where they can build a website. They must know how to write code and turn it into website layouts. There is no strict educational requirement for web designers, so long as they have a demonstratable knowledge of designing a working website.


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A transcriptionist, more commonly known as a transcriber, listens to audio files or watches video recordings and converts the audio language into written documentation. This job requires a person who has excellent active listening skills and good typing accuracy. A transcriber must be good at multitasking since they will be listening and typing at the same time. They should also follow the proper formatting of documents and pay attention to detail.

Virtual Assistant

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Another great work-from-home opportunity is being a virtual assistant. This job is like being an administrative assistant, except that you can do it at home. Virtual assistants answer phones, contact vendors for the company, and do some scheduling. They are hired by companies full-time or can work as a contractor. The job schedule may depend on the employer and how much they need the help of a virtual assistant.

Online Teacher / Tutor

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A list of stay-at-home job ideas isn’t complete without mentioning online teachers or tutors. These work-from-home opportunities are great for those who want to teach without being in a traditional classroom setting. Companies that hire online teachers sometimes provide lesson plans already, so the online teacher gets to focus on teaching the students. This job may not offer a flexible work schedule since online teachers follow the students’ schedules.

English Teaching

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Some countries require their students to learn the English language. English teachers are in demand for work-from-home jobs since students and online schools often need them. Some online schools value being a native speaker and having a neutral accent over having teaching experience. Teaching English can also be a great part-time job if the students are in a different time zone, allowing online English teachers more free time during the day to do another job or take care of personal needs.

Accounting Clerk

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Accounting clerks are finance professionals who handle a company’s important financial processes and documents. Most of their responsibility is reconciling budgets, running reports, managing transactions, and maintaining records and filing systems, all in the realm of finance. To work as an accounting clerk requires a business or accounting-related education.

Health Coach

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A health coach works as someone who helps clients in terms of their physical or mental health. They evaluate their clients and their lifestyles to find areas where they need to improve on their health. They come up with a strategy to address these health concerns, providing them with resources for support. While health coaching can be done in person, it can also be done through phone sessions, live chat, or even email.

Test Scoring

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Companies hire test scorers to assist in analyzing responses to tests and evaluating them. They read test answers and assign a score by following a rubric provided by their employers. Test scorers get hired because they may have passed the test themselves. Becoming a test scorer may require some training, especially for those interested in evaluating specific tests.

Online Seller

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Becoming an online seller is a great work-from-home opportunity where you become a small business owner. There are many platforms where you can sell items and products. You can use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), where you can use Amazon as the online store for your products. Websites like Etsy also let you have a drop shipping business wherein you manufacture products only when you receive an order from a customer. You can also sell digital products online, like eBooks or programs you designed.

Daycare Business

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Running a daycare is also a business opportunity without leaving the house. You can provide daycare services to families using your house as the facility. However, you need to know the state requirements for running a childcare facility. There are rules on the child-to-teacher ratio, following protocols, and completing specific adjustments within your home to turn it into a child-safe environment.

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