How To Overcome the Fear of Spending

How to Overcome the Fear of Spending

Every adult faces financial stress, especially when making large purchases. However, if the idea of spending money induces extreme anxiety, you might be one of many people who suffer from the fear of spending. While others may see you as a penny pincher or call you stingy, it could also indicate a real disorder that … Read more

Wedding Advice: Of Love and Money

wedding advice: of love and money

One of my grandchildren is getting married this June. He is a graduate student and she is a school teacher. I feel obliged to talk to them about love and money. Both are level-headed intelligent people. However, neither has ever been married before. I have been married three times. Therefore, I think I should lend … Read more

Is It Time to Rebalance Your Portfolio?

Portfolio rebalancing should be done on a regular basis

Any time is a good time to considering portfolio rebalancing. That said it should probably only be done annually or when there is a significant change in your financial landscape. With the rise of stock prices and the prospect of moderate inflation, now is a good time to see if your investments are in sync … Read more