Did We Miss The Stock Market Bottom?: Video Analysis

Miss the stock market bottom

With the absolute insanity going on in the stock market, everybody is curious as to when things will stabilize. Many just want nothing more than the markets to recover and become stable, breaking the records they were nearing just a couple months ago. There is another crowd, though, that is looking to turn this craziness in their favor, and they want to know when the best time is to buy. Everyone has heard the old adage, “buy low, sell high.” So, how low will the markets go? Have we already past the bottom of this dip? With the weeks we have had lately, it seems possible that we have. This week, we have another video analysis meant to explain the arguments for both sides of the conversation. We go to Graham Stephan to ask: Did we miss the stock market bottom?

In Summary

It seems like there are compelling points in both direction here. While business prospects are pretty grim right now due to the coronavirus epidemic, they also set the stage for a massive upturn when all of this is over. The sheer unpredictability could mean disaster for investors in the long run. On the other hand, it could mean that we see one of the most amazing economic booms in the history of the country. The volatility as of late makes one thing pretty clear: Now is a risky time to get involved. Especially being in a moderate upturn from the lowest we have seen lately, things have potential to go either way. Investing is not for the feint of heart when things are normal, and right now they are anything but. So, be careful, and don’t jump the gun on any “miracle” investments. Make sure you are prepared to lose anything you invest, and think long and hard before separating with your cash.

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