How Much Can You Get Paid for Writing Dating Profiles?


Get Paid for Writing Dating Profiles

The introduction of online dating websites and apps has completely changed the dating game. It is becoming more commonplace to look for love online. In fact, I met my husband through one of these apps, and so have many of my friends and family members. These platforms are helping millions of people find romance, especially during the pandemic. However, millions of others struggle to create the right dating profile and make connections. Sometimes they need a little professional help. If you have a talent for wordsmithing, why not learn how you can get paid for writing dating profiles?

Why Do People Hire Someone for Writing Dating Profiles?

Creating the perfect dating profile is tricky. It can be difficult to know what things you should share and what scares people away from your profile. Many experts have published articles on the do’s and don’ts of writing a dating profile for those who are not getting the results they had hoped for.

However, it becomes even more difficult if you are socially awkward like me. Your responses may not be perceived as you intended, people may simply overlook your profile if it has too many details, or your humor could get misconstrued as something offensive. It’s important to be yourself, but finding the perfect words to help your personality shine through is out of reach for some.

Writing a dating profile is a balance between highlighting your best traits without coming across as arrogant or egotistical. But to properly showcase your personality, you need a great deal of self-awareness, honesty, and reflection. Even after all of that, many people find it impossible to freely describe themselves without being overly critical. Others cannot fluidly express themselves in the written word. So, they find a professional who can help convert their thoughts into their dating profile. There is such high demand for these services that it has now become a full-time paid position.

3 Ways to Get Paid for Writing Dating Profiles

If you are a freelance writer who is looking for a change of pace, perhaps writing dating profiles is exactly what you need. It is much lighter and more interesting than some of the assigned content. If you have the right tone and knack for writing them, you could get paid quite well for writing dating profiles. Although there are several ways to break into the field, here are some of the most common ways to find work.

1. Find a job with a dating profile consultancy site.


E-Cyrano was among the first companies to fill this niche. Not only has it made national headlines with its writing services, but it has also been featured on many media platforms. And, they are always recruiting new talent.

However, you must first pass their rigorous screening process. They require you to create a dating profile for one of your friends and submit it for review. The good news is that they provide a list of guidelines to help you. The bad news is that only about 1 of every 15 writers gets the job. If you are lucky enough to land a position, they pay the highest rates out there. You can earn between $78 and $120 per profile, but you typically only do two a week. Therefore, E-Cyrano is probably a better option for those looking for supplemental income rather than a full-time job writing dating profiles.


VIDA offers many types of dating services including assistance writing your dating profile, matchmaking, photography, and fashion coaching. And, they rely on remote workers for this content. If you want a position with them, they have a lengthy hiring process, starting with a video introduction followed by a phone interview. If you impress them, they will make you an offer. Unfortunately, there is no standard salary for these positions, so each offer will vary based on your qualifications.

2. Offer your services through freelance writing sites.


Another great option is Fiverr, the freelance marketplace where you hire any writing job imaginable. If you have ever hired or advertised services here, then it shouldn’t surprise you to hear people are using Fiverr to get paid for writing dating profiles. It will take time to build your reputation and client base, but becomes easier to find leads once you establish yourself in the community.

When you get a client, most dating profile writers send out a questionnaire to collect the information you need to build their profile. The average price is $25 per profile, but experienced writers can earn much more. Depending on how many clients you can handle and your turnaround time, it could be a profitable writing venue.


Upwork is another popular platform for freelance writers. However, it will be much harder to find these kinds of jobs here. Most postings are business owners seeking help with large projects. Therefore, it would be better to advertise it as a service you provide rather than leading with it as your primary skill. This way you can test the water before solely committing to the position.

3. Start your own company.

If you have enough talent and consistent work, you should consider starting your own company. Although you can earn a lot of money from individual jobs, you can attract even more with your own business. It creates a more professional online presence with an official website advertising your services. When you attract more web traffic, you can move beyond working individual jobs for part-time pay. As you learn more about your customers, you can refine your offerings and carve out your market share. There are many opportunities for aspiring writers since it is still an emerging market, and you have the option to sell products like

What You Need to Know about Writing Dating Profiles

Writing dating profiles is completely different than other types of freelance writing. Not only do you need to capture your clients’ character, but also spark the interest of potential matches by creating emotional connections. Building a profile is its own form of storytelling. But, the real challenge is finding a way to convey who they are in a limited number of characters and pictures. For those interested in trying it out, you should check out examples of other good dating profiles around the web. And, when in doubt, get advice from the experts. You want to incorporate the best practices and techniques to get your clients’ profiles the attention they want.


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