How To Capitalize on 5G Technology


Capitalize on 5G Technology

It seems like every few years, we add another “G” to our cellular networks. Well, 2020 is the year we were all ready to jump on new 5G technology, with cell businesses being extra excited. While companies like Amazon planning to use 5G for their “internet of things” to control technology simultaneously around the world, cell phone providers are probably the most obvious ones to benefit from the update. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a bit of uncertainty all throughout the tech world, but it seems as though our jump to 5G is still somewhat on schedule. With make manufacturers already shipping 5G-capable phones, your time to jump on the train could be now. So, how do we best capitalize on 5G technology?

Now or Later?

Well, this may depend on your phone preference. Samsung, as well as a few other Android manufacturers, have already shipped 5G phones. If you are a fan of the android platform, or want to give it a shot, then your time could be now. Heck, if you just really want the fastest speeds as soon as you can get them, you may want to consider making the jump from Apple. That being said, Apple is slated to offer 5G phones in 2020. Barring any new coronavirus developments, Apple phones with 5G capability are scheduled to land in September. As some corona-related supply or distribution issues come up, it is unlikely that this deadline can be kept. After all, you typically want to give a few weeks of leeway on either end, even in ideal circumstances. So, the timing is largely based on your preference of operating software.

COVID Affects on 5G Tech

When it comes to the economic lockdowns imposed worldwide due to COVID-19, 5G tech may be slowed– but not stopped. The coronavirus has laid waste to many sectors of the economy, but supply chains in tech fields have done alright. With some initial disruption, it seems that the heaviest delays have been 2-4 weeks for most major firms. This means that, for the most part, the future of 5G hasn’t been shattered by the pandemic. 5G rollouts will still be coming, and it will probably only be a month or so later than expected. So, while 2020 may not be the 5G explosion that we expected, you will still see major moves made. For the bleeding-edge tech-lover, 2020 still looks bright for you.

We hope this clears up some of the worries you may have had about 5G during these uncertain times. It is pretty simple: If you want to capitalize on 5G technology, just keep updated on your chosen cell manufacturer’s updates. Once they release their 5G devices, or if they already have, buy one. While full implementation may not be 100% complete right away, you will still see a noticeable jump in performance. Not only that, but you will have a lot of software and network optimization to look forward to later on in the year.

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