12 Senior Discounts You Probably Don’t Know About, but Should

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Senior discounts are absolutely something you should leverage wherever possible—here are twelve examples that you can take advantage of right now!

1. Insurance

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Insurance companies expect most seniors to drive less and spend more time and money investing in their homes. Because of this, auto and homeowners insurance companies frequently offer senior discounts.

2. Education

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Some colleges have programs for seniors where they pay less for tuition. This can be excellent for anyone who wants to audit classes or go after another degree to pursue a new interest or passion. It’s a testament to many colleges caring about the importance of lifelong learning and keeping an active mind.

3. Home Security Systems

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Some home security companies offer discounts for seniors on installation or monthly fees. Since bolstered security is vital for many seniors, this is a fantastic discount that many seniors don’t know about. It covers many of the vulnerabilities that seniors face when they’re at home alone, including alerting the authorities or medical professionals should they get hurt.

4. Prescriptions

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The bad news is that pharmacies have become a typical expense for many seniors. The good news is that many pharmacies offer discounts or savings programs for seniors, which can help them save on much-needed medications.

5. Groceries

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Some grocery stores have set days on which seniors can receive a discount on their bills. Not all grocery stores offer these discounts, and even the ones that do typically don’t advertise them anywhere, so it always pays to ask your local store if they do.

6. AARP Discounts

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The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is famous for providing its members with some pretty hefty discounts. Sign up to unlock discounts on flights, hotels, and even full travel packages. It’s an absolute must for anyone eligible.

7. Movie Tickets

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Many movie theaters offer discounted movie tickets for seniors. AMC, for example, gives any seniors 60 and older discounted tickets to enjoy the movies for less.

8. Public Transportation

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This is one of the more common senior discounts available. However, it is still not always utilized, especially for special transportation like trains. It’s an excellent way to get around for considerably less.

9. Fitness Centers

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Most gyms offer seniors an incentive to sign up for memberships. Staying healthy as you age is important, so it’s often well worth the price. Membership is also beneficial for those on a fixed income since it can help you manage monthly expenses better.

10. Haircuts

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Hair salons and barbers sometimes offer senior discounts. However, these are not universal like many of the other options on this list, so it’s always wise to call first to see what they offer.

11. Utilities

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Some utility companies offer seniors discounts on electricity, gas, and water bills. The discount amount you receive will vary depending on where you live, and you can even sign up for one through your city’s Department of Aging.

12. Legal Services

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Estate planning and will management are common expenses for seniors. Fortunately, many law offices specializing in these services offer discounts to help ease the cost for those needing it.

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