Use These Money Saving Tips On Your Next Vacation


Vacations are supposed to be relaxing events that allow you to spend time with family, but for some, concerns about money spent during the vacation causes stress and tension. Fortunately, proper prior planning can help alleviate some of this stress by providing you with an affordable spending plan during your vacation. Incorporating a number of these money saving tips into your spending plan will cut down on your fixed costs, freeing up more of your money for experiences. Here are some great money saving tips to use on your next vacation.

Money Saving Tips For Lodging

Be Flexible On Lodging – You can often get a better deal on lodging farther away from notable attractions, so widen your search area to save money on lodging. For example, lodging a couple blocks away from the Virgina Beach Boardwalk is half as expensive as lodging located on the beach.

Rent A House – If you have a larger family, renting a house for your vacation may be more cost effective than paying for several hotel rooms. Renting a house through sites like,, or airbnb gets you far more space for an average nightly price of $217.

Money Saving Tips For Food

Minimize Restaurant Visits – Purchasing food at restaurants will eat up a large portion of your vacation budget if you eat out all of the time. Save money by visiting restaurants at lunch time only and use some of the following options for the rest of your meals.

Visit A Grocery Store – Purchasing snacks and drinks from a grocery store is much less expensive than buying food from a restaurant. Stock up on items that the family enjoys at the beginning of the trip and store the items in the hotel fridge or a cooler you brought along. Some grocery stores have a hot foods section with items that would be perfect for a hotel room dinner.

Choose Lodging That Allows You To Cook – Cooking meals during your vacation can save you a lot of money during your trip. If possible, choose lodging that includes a sink, stove, and microwave so you can cook when you want and clean up afterwards.

Money Saving Tips For Entertainment

Search For Discount Tickets Before You Leave – Deal sites like GroupOn, Living Social, and Travelzoo list discounts and deals for nearly any city you may be visiting. Before your trip, scan these sites for deals that your family would be interested in. Just make sure they won’t expire before you can use them.

Use Money Saving Apps – Download money saving apps that have a national presence to be alerted to deals that might pop up during your trip. These apps can help you save on everything from event tickets to meals to clothing purchases.

Find Deals Through Memberships – If you are a member of any organization or hold a season pass to certain attractions in your hometown, you may qualify for discounts at attractions at your vacation destination. If you are a member of a science museum, children’s museum, or zoo, you may be able to get free admission to similar attractions around the country. You can also see if your company has an employee discount program or if there are reduced rates for members of groups such as AAA.

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