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How Young Professionals Can Invest in Real Estate


man-1205084_640Today we have a guest post for you from Listen Money Matters about how young people can finally get over their fear of investing. Enjoy!

As a young professional, you may be thinking that real estate investing is not a possibility for you due to a lack of money or time. Trust me, I’ve felt that way too. But, even if you don’t have a lot of either of these things, there are ways that young professionals can invest in real estate.


There are ways you can invest in real estate without having a lot of start-up money even though it may not seem possible. You could crowdfund your money and pool it with other investors so you can all share in the profits without having a lot of money for an initial investment. REIT’s, or Real Estate Investment Trusts, are one way of doing that, and it can all be done over the internet.

An REIT provides investors of all kinds the ability to have a regular stream of income by modeling mutual funds. They are made of a team of experts who use their knowledge to create a plan for investing the pooled money in ways not normally available to a single investor. Some of these REIT’s will spread the crowdfunded investments over more than one property to increase growth potential of your investment while lowering the risk. You can find several of these companies over the internet and it’s a great way to invest in real estate without a lot of money.

Single Family Rentals

Maybe the idea of pooling your money with that of others isn’t appealing and you would rather purchase a single family home to rent. If this is the case, but a lack of time to manage the property is what is holding you back, there are still ways to invest in real estate without having to do the hands on managing.

Purchasing a turnkey rental property through a company like Roofstock allows you to own a rental property without a lot of the time or work involved in purchasing and owning a rental estate property on your own. In addition, you can purchase a property sight unseen in a different part of the country without having to worry about getting stuck with a shack you overpaid for. Roofstock doesn’t own the properties, but they do help the buyer to choose a property that is right for them and they will help in the management of properties as well. In addition, they offer a guarantee on your purchase. As a young professional with limited time, this could be your answer to investing in rental properties.

FHA Loans

There are several ways to get started investing in real estate, but if you don’t have a lot of money for a down-payment, it can seem like an impossible dream. However, with an FHA loan you can make a purchase with only a 3.5% down-payment. This opens up the possibility of purchasing real estate to those who may not have a lot of money saved up. But, you have to make sure you meet certain requirements if you choose to rent out a home with an FHA loan against it. Generally speaking, FHA loans are not to be used to finance second homes, vacation homes, or rental properties. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Young professionals shouldn’t let a lack of time or money discourage them from getting started investing in real estate. There are options available to help young investors get started building their real estate portfolio without a lot of time or money.

Do you know of other ways young professionals can invest in real estate?

Kayla is a personal finance blogger in her mid-20s who loves to write about money topics of all kinds.


More Ways to Make Money When Unemployed


A few weeks ago I wrote about some ways for you to make money if you’re unemployed. I discussed selling shoes, selling t-shirts and providing a service. There are a lot more ways out there to make money. Today, I will be going over four more of those ways.

Temp Service

The first way that you can make money unemployed is by signing up with a temp service. Temp services are agencies that find people jobs. They types of jobs vary, but the good thing is that you will be working again. Most of the jobs only last for a few weeks, hence the name “temp.” On the rare occasion, there may be one temp employer that wants to bring you on full-time. There are a lot of temp agencies out there. A quick google search will show you ones that are near you. Randstad and Staffmark are two that are very popular.


Freelancing is the next item on the list. This is something that you need to look into ASAP if you’re unemployed. Some examples of freelance jobs are photography, blogging, travel writing, becoming an author, and graphic design. As with any job, the more you work, the more you get paid. If you work hard at your freelancing, there is a chance that you could eventually make more money from it than your previous full-time job. Who knows, you could start your new career shortly. Some people started freelancing and are now making thousands of dollars per month. Yes, I said thousands per month! What’s stopping you from being the next one to do that?

Teaching English

Everyone does not know the English language. While it’s the native language in the US, there are many people here and overseas that don’t know it. There is money to be made in this profession. People from all over the world are moving to the United States for a better way of life. There are countless numbers of opportunities to join companies that specialize in teaching English to those that want to learn it. There is another way to make money teaching English. You can interview with an ESL company and move overseas. There are a lot of ESL programs based in Asia currently. Since you’re not working right now, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. It will put money in your pocket and expand your comfort zone at the same time. If you’re unemployed, you should ask yourself, what’s stopping you?

Online Surveys

The final way to make money while you’re unemployed is to complete online surveys. I’ve done this before in my spare time. I made a decent amount of money for the time I was putting into it. If you have the chance to complete surveys each day, you can make a few hundred dollars each week. Every survey company is different. When completing them, make sure that you read all the instructions before you start doing the survey. If you’re looking to start with online surveys, start with Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars, Amazon Mechanical Turk and Opinion Outpost.



Fighting Depression After a Job Loss


man-1394395_1280Losing a job is never fun. It happens to the best of us. It’s okay to be down for a little while after you’ve lost your gig. Sometimes people take a job loss a bit too serious and they allow it to cause them to be depressed. As you know, depression is not healthy. Today, I want to discuss some things that you can do to combat it.

Look at the bright side

The first thing that you should do is look at the bright side. You may be wondering what if there is a bright side. The bright side is that you work up this morning. You have a shelter over your head and food to eat. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have those things. Be happy and thankful that you do.

It’s not the end

Losing your job is not the end of the world. It may seem like it is, but it’s not. People lose jobs all the time. You have to get focused and apply again. Losing your job could be a blessing in disguise. Remember, it’s not the end of the world. Shake it off and find another job as soon as possible.

You will work again

I want you to know that you will work again. You may not believe it one you lose your job, but you will. There are a few things that you can do to make sure that happens. Update your resume with current information. Apply for jobs on sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed, and Craigslist. Contact your friends and family and let them know the situation. Don’t be ashamed. They could have that connection to the next job for you. It might take some weeks or even some months, but you will work again.

Do something to get your mind off the job loss

Doing something to get your mind off of your job loss is the next thing that you need to do. If you stay at home all day and think about it, of course, you’ll be depressed. Get your butt out of the house and do something. Go to the gym and exercise. Visit the library and dive into some new books. Go to the bar. On second thought, if you’re depressed, drowning your sorrows with alcohol is the last thing you should do. Make sure that you do something positive that will get your mind off the job loss.

Hang with friends

Hanging with your friends is the last thing you should do to help you fight the depression of losing your job. Just being around the people that you know and love will help lighten up your mood. Laughing and joking with them may be just what the doctor ordered for you.

In summary, the things you can do to fight depression after a job loss is to look at the bright side, realize that it’s not the end of the world, remember that you will work again, do something to get your mind off the job loss, and to hang with your friends. Doing those things will help you feel less depressed after losing your job.



My SelectQuote Review

This article was sponsored by SelectQuote, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have you heard of SelectQuote? They are a life insurance company that strives to give excellent service and help you get great insurance with the least amount of stress as possible. Life insurance is something that many of us need. It may help your loved ones after you’re gone.  I was looking for a reliable life insurance company that can be proficient enough to tackle my problems and leave me feeling relaxed with my limited budget. I am happy that I found out the about SelectQuote. Just being honest, I would label SelectQuote to be one of the best life insurance companies. They have a fantastic proficient team. The team was very reliable and easy to deal with. They provided me with large information about all their deals. I had one of the best experiences of in recent memory discussing options with their company.

SelectQuote amazed me with their proficiency and information about their term life insurance. It was very easy to get good pricing from them. I loved their way of making me satisfied with their presentation. In fact, I was little worried at first. I have never discussed a term life insurance plan with this company, but they were very keen to educate me quickly over the phone with their sharp answers. When we discussed the terms in detail, I was surprised that they really provided beneficial results which were already mentioned and agreed to be done. The associate of SelectQuote that I spoke with was completely professional. Their customer service was bar none. They discussed the several factors that go into my rate, such as my health, my lifestyle and my age.

They explained those things in a way that anyone can understand. When I decide to get term life insurance, I will be sure to check back with them. Their terms and services are affordable for just about anyone. I would highly recommend this team of professionals to you and your family. The policies were easy to understand, and their services were perfectly described, which encouraged me to consider getting insurance with them ASAP seriously. Their life insurance policies were incredible, and the representative there helped me in all the ways I needed them to. They provided me all the information of their services and the legal policies and how they will benefit my loved ones in my presence or absence and me. The rep was there to help me and to educate about the terms and services. Before I called, I compared other companies and saw that SelectQuote had great rates compared to them. Dealing with them was very easy.

Their life insurance policies for adults of all age were amazing which surprised me a little. All in all, the services and policies of SelectQuote were great and very affordable. From the margin of benefits and systematic care for everyone, anyone can quickly conclude that their objective was to take care of people and offer highly satisfying services besides just earning money from them. Even if you aren’t making the most money, I’m sure that you can afford a policy from this company. They truly have some great rates.

Nowadays getting a life insurance policy is as compulsory as earning money for your loved ones. Life insurance can be a source of relaxation and comfort for individuals who care for their loved ones. There are no guarantees in life. Things happen, so it’s always good to be prepared. So, looking at these term life insurance policies, some companies have definitely taken steps to take benefit from them. However, some companies also do assure benefits for their clients rather than for themselves. From my point of view, SelectQuote is one of these companies which secure the future of their customers with highly affordable rates and fascinating policies. They care about their customers. They have some excellent policies.

I believe that anyone will put their money in a good place by investing it in the policies of SelectQuote because other insurance companies do not provide so many benefits. If I were you, I’d choose them to be my term life insurers for the present and the future. As I stated earlier, it was also very easy to contact them as they are always there to answer questions. Because of the results I have got from SelectQuote, I will recommend them to everyone. They are down to help and are worth the money.

If you are not yet assured, you have to seriously consider SelectQuote. I’m sure you will have positive results from them as well. You can go online and see all the information from their site or you can call an agent which is always available for answers. They will help you in any aspect. I hope you get the best possible results from them and that you will appreciate your decision of investing money there for future care of your loved ones.