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The Ten Roads to Riches Review Pt 1


The Ten Roads to Riches ReviewThe Ten Roads to Riches is a book written by Kenneth Fisher. In this book, Fisher discusses how much your net worth is and how much it can be. Today, I want to go over the ways that he discusses.

Start a successful business – the richest road

The first way that Fisher has for you is to start a successful business. He also states that you will get wealthy the most by starting a business. I believe it. A successful business can generate tons of money for you. It could lead you into other ventures. Also, you can make money from it if you decide to sell it. If that’s the case, you can use the money that you make from the sale to start another business.

Become the CEO of an existing firm and juice it

The second way to wealth is to become a CEO of a current company and continue to grow it. If you’re doing well as the CEO, other businesses will take note. There is a chance that other firms will throw money at you and try to get you to bring your successful habits to their business. If that happens, you’re in the driver’s seat. You can leave and make more money, or you can let your current firm know. One of two things will happen. They will let you leave, or they will make a counter offer. In either situation, it’s a win.

Hitch to a successful visionary’s wagon and ride along

There are a lot of bright leaders out there. I have no problem learning from the best. This is basically what some people do. History shows us that people become rich or wealthy when they pay attention and listen to these visionaries. From Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg, these leaders have helped numerous people make a whole lot of money. Everyone isn’t a visionary, but if someone has an idea or business that seems like a can’t miss opportunity, support them, invest a little money and follow their moves. Your life could change ten-fold.

Turn celebrity into wealth or wealth into celebrity and then more wealth

The fourth tip is unique when you think about it. Turning your celebrity into wealth or vice versa is a very smart concept. Celebrities are already out in front of the public for the most part. They have fans that will support them. If a celebrity is popular, they can get sponsorship money and lots of it. Look at an athlete like LeBron James. He has endorsement deals with Nike, Samsung, and Coca-Cola to name a few. You can’t beat that. If you’re not a celebrity but have a following, you can still make money with some local sponsorships.

Marry well – really, really well

I laughed when I first read this one, but people do it all the time. If your significant other has money, you may not have to work ever again. Money could also be passed down to you through inheritance.

Those were just the first five tips of The Ten Roads to Riches. Check back Monday for the last five.


How to Become a Credit Card Pro


How to Become a Credit Card ProHello, everyone. Some people can live with, while others can’t. Credit cards can be good for helping you manage your finances. If you use them the right way, they can be useful for building good credit. Even though I wouldn’t do this, they can also be used as a backup plan if you have an emergency. Keep reading to get more info about credit cards and their use.

On time payments

Pay your credit card bill on time each month. If you are the type of person, who may forget the due date, set up a reminder or two. If something happens that doesn’t allow you to pay your credit card on time, don’t freak out. You should call your credit card company as soon as possible and let them know your situation. There is a chance that they may be able to help you out. They might be able to delay your due date, set you up with a repayment plan or work with you in other ways that won’t mess up your credit as much.

Pay the credit card in full

The next thing that you should do is pay the credit card in full every month. I’ll be the first person to say that I haven’t been able to do that. I’ve had credit card debt for years. There were times where I had to use my credit card when I didn’t have a job. It wasn’t possible to pay it in full. Now, I’m doing much better. I’m able to pay more money on it. If you use your credit card for ordinary expenses such as for gas or paying a utility bill, you should proceed to pay off the balance at the end of the month. Doing this will help you build your credit. You will also gain rewards from your card. Lastly, you won’t be getting any debt because you paid off the card.

Watch out for free

Credit card companies target people with freebies. I’ve seen different companies give away shirts, bags and even beach towels. I can’t lie, I’m a fan of free, but you have to be careful and pay attention to any free offer. The freebies that you are offered can be considered traps. The credit card company may lure you in. That could end up costing you a lot of money down the line.

Practice Discipline

It can be easy just to swipe that credit card without thinking. Don’t fall into that trap. Many folks lack the discipline to handle credit responsibly. The world tells you to spend, spend and spend again. Heck, you can get a “Black Amex Card” which is seen as a status symbol if you use a credit a lot. By having discipline, you can avoid getting into debt and possibly messing up your credit score.

Multiple credit cards

If you have multiple credit cards, you have to pay attention to them carefully. You don’t want to mix up the due dates. When you have a moment, review the balances and figure out which credit card you want to pay off first. Paying off the balance of the card with the highest interest rate is a good way to save more money in the long run. If you don’t want to go that route, you can also pay the credit card with the smallest balance.

Credit cards can be great to have. You just have to make sure that you don’t abuse them. They can help you build up credit. They can also make your credit horrible. Practice common sense and discipline when using them.


What Credit Score Does Everyone Start With?


What Credit Score Does Everyone Start With?Hello, everyone. Good credit is something that everyone strives for. Whether yours is good or bad, you had to start somewhere. Have you ever thought about what credit score everyone starts out with?

What is your beginning score?

Everyone starts out the same. No one has a credit score at all. Nobody starts out with a credit report. Credit scores are based on the info on your credit reports. Those reports are not created until you have had credit in your name for at least six months. Some people think that you magically get credit once you turn 18 years old. It doesn’t work like that, though. However, you can apply for a credit card once you 18.

Build from scratch

Since everyone starts with no credit score, we all have to build it from scratch. You first credit report will have information on the initial amount of money that you borrow. When starting out, you should get a credit card with a low limit. You also need to use it responsibly.

Your first account

When you apply for your first credit card or loan, the lender may pull your consumer report. If they do that, they will find nothing. Everyone will experience this the first time that he or she applies for credit the first time. Once you get that first credit card or loan, there are a few things that you should do to make sure that your credit score goes up.

Watch the amount

If you are taking out a loan for the first time, don’t take out too much money. You don’t want to start a debt cycle that you are not ready for. The same goes with your first credit card. Try not to get a credit limit that is too high. My first credit card had a limit of $500. That was alright with me until they started raising it higher and higher. It went from $500 to $3000 within a couple of years. That’s one of the ways that messed up my credit. That leads me to the next step.

Use your credit card responsibly

I didn’t do that back in the day. I used my credit card for things that I shouldn’t have. I don’t regret it because it was a heck of a learning experience. If this is your first credit card, you should only charge a small amount to your credit card. Then you should pay the full balance each month. This will speed your credit building process. Doing that shows the lenders that you can use the credit that has been offered to you in a responsible way.

Pay on time

Make sure you pay your loans and credit cards on time. Your payment history accounts for about 35% of your credit score. That is more than a third of it. You can see why paying on time is important. If you think you may miss the dates, set a reminder on your phone or in Google calendar.

If you practice good credit habits, your score can go up after six months. If not, it can go as low as 300. You’re in charge of whether your credit goes up or down.


Healthy Costco Foods


Healthy Costco FoodsBeing healthy should be our number one priority. How can you ever take over the world if you’re sick all the time? It would be pretty hard to do so. Exercise is one thing that helps to keep people healthy. The food you eat is also very important. Eating too much fast food can cause loads of problems. Cooking and eating healthy foods is the way to go. Many stores sell healthy items. Today, I want to discuss a store called Costco and some of the healthy items that they sell.

What is Costco?

Costco is a membership-only warehouse club. They have a huge selection of items. It is the second largest retailer in the world. Costco has several locations across the world. There are over 500 warehouses in the United States. According to Fortune, Costco is the world’s number 1 retailer of prime beef, rotisserie chicken, and organic foods.

As I stated earlier, you have to buy a membership to get access to Costco. There are three membership types. The first membership is called the Gold Star. It costs $55 plus tax. It includes a free household card, and it is valid at all Costco locations worldwide. The next membership is the Business membership. It also costs $55 plus tax. It includes a free household card and is also valid at all locations. You can add affiliate cardholders for $55 each. You can also purchase this type of membership for resale. The final type of membership is called the Executive. Its annual fee is $110 plus taxes. The major difference with this membership is that you get an annual 2% reward on qualified Costco purchases, you get additional benefits and greater discounts on services, and you get extra benefits on select Costco travel products.

Costco sounds like a pretty good store to shop at. They have excellent customer service and a great selection of items to choose from. Below are seven different healthy foods that they sell.

Fresh Produce

Costco has a huge variety of fruits and veggies to choose from. Many of them are organic, which is the best way to go.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are very healthy. They are full of antioxidants, protein, fiber and omega 3’s.

Flax Oil

There are many different types of flax oil out there. A favorite brand that Costco sells is Hain Pure Foods Organic oil. You can use it for a lot of different dishes. It is an excellent source of Omega 3’s.

Dried Fruit

These are one of my favorites. Costco has a nice selection of organic, dried fruit. They are very affordable.


There are way too many spices to list here. A few that they sell are garlic, paprika, and cayenne pepper.

Tortilla Chips

One particular brand that people should look out for is called the Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips. They are gluten free.

Quality Bread

Costco sells a lot of good bread. One brand, Dave’s Killer Bread is a top choice for whole grain bread.

What are your thoughts on Costco?