First In, Last Out: Yakezie Weekly Round-up


The newer members are putting me to shame! Here they are, promoting Yakezie left and right. Engineer Your Finances has been mentioned in a few round-ups, and figured it was finally time to return the favor.

Here’s a few interesting articles for your weekend pleasure:

  1. Ready for spring cleaning? Not Made Of Money is and explains how to “dust off” your finances.
  2. Talk about investing evolution, check out Darwin’s 130/30 fund. If you aren’t a regular, there are archives of great investing posts like this one.
  3. So much of our lives have become electronic…and automatic. What happens if those systems fail us?  Zordane looks at how much automation you really need.
  4. Did you win your last sword fight? Early Retirement Extreme writes an entertaining post on just that! While I have zero experience here, did it give me an urge to find a sparring partner!
  5. A compelling series, Downturn Living looks at how “green” your “adult” life is. Definitely worth the read, and really makes you think… about what is your own prerogative ;)
  6. Little House writes clearly and concisely. This probably has something to do with her profession, teaching. She takes an “elementary” look at the borrow and pay back method.
  7. We’d probably all like to be Warren Buffet. Did you know he provides a roadmap? Yup, it’s that annual letter he sends out to all shareholders, which Monevator has conveniently summarized.
  8. Planting Dollars consistently produces quality content, and this one asking if you are your profession is no different.
  9. Couple Money hosted this guest post by Free from Broke. It talks about your most important financial tool. Note, it’s probably not anything you’re thinking.
  10. Kids are such a high expense! Or are they? My Financial Objectives looks at one metric to see if your rugrats are really costing you.

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11 Responses
    1. Fin Engr

      Of course. Did you see the “selfish promotion” article? I still threw in a Yakezie promotion.

      BTW – ever see my bushido quote comment. I actually scoured Hagakure to find something good. It was in reference to a calligrapher becoming a great penman if he studies under a great master.

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Little House:

      Keep up the good work, you’ve been soaring in the rankings. The theme is still the same, but I did a little “sprucing up” of some different functions.

  1. Thanks for the mention! :) On the Yakezie front, was sad to see MBABriefs has hung up his spurs for now.

    I’ve sometimes thought of you and him as similar, perhaps because you both took/take a somewhat analytical line to finances? Here’s hoping you hang on in there!

    1. Fin Engr


      Like a phoenix, MBA Briefs will rise from the ashes an even MORE powerful blogger ;)

      As long as you don’t fold on me too, I’ll be sticking around.

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Darwin:

      Good job on the articles – been enjoying them! A technical yet practical investment philosophy is something I’ve been looking to learn more about.

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