Can You Successfully Sell Your Own Home?


shutters-669296_640In today’s fast paced world where you can pay for your coffee with your smartphone, place your car for sale on Ebay and even buy a flight to your dream location with a simple tap on your computer screen, it has to be asked, how can you sell your own home and if so, can you make it work for you?

We spoke to Jet Homes, an online real estate agency in the UK to understand how feasible it is to sell your own home online and what is involved. Here are their suggestions.

Get Organized, No, Get Super Organized! 

Selling your own home is easier today than it has been in the past, but the first thing you need to do is get super organized. We can’t stress how important it is to get really organized when it comes to selling your home, by yourself in the online world. You need to think about all the paperwork such as electrical, gas and double glazing certificates that are all legally required in selling your home. Things such as surveyors, conveyancers and even getting a photographer in your house (which we recommend over a camera phone pic) need to be organized.

Things such as keeping a calendar is going to be essential for house viewings. You want this to be clear for anyone who may be living in your house so that you can make sure the house is presentable when someone comes to view the home.

Make Your Home A House

Over the years you will have personalized your house to be your home. You want to flip this on it’s head for when it comes to selling. Personal objects and and family portraits can really put off potential buyers as they can’t see themselves in what could be their new home.

You want to get together a few boxes and label them up with simple titles such as “family pictures”, “personal items”, “for the new house”. These boxes will need to be stored in a garage or storage centre and you want to get this organised quite quickly.
The other area you may want to invest in is a bit of DIY. From replacing light bulbs to minor repairs these can make the house more appealing. If you wanted to really get the paint out, painting your hallway in a neutral color can really help your chances with potential buyers.

A Great Picture Says It All

We earlier said that hiring a professional is worth all the money that you would be investing in trying to sell your home, and we stand by this. A picture really does say a thousand words.

You want to hire a professional that has experience in this area and will create the right look and feel in your home by adjusting lighting and even arranging some furniture to look better in shot. You don’t want to leave this down to a shaky hand with a phone camera at work.

These are just some suggestions. Remember, any online site you chose to help you sell your home needs to help provide marketing suggestions and really push your home on email shots and even social media to help you with your home selling. Look for rates, marketing literature and even registered trading numbers, after all you want professional help and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

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