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living-room-1872192_640There is a great wisdom in the notion of shopping around, seeking out the various providers for whatever it is that you are looking for, upon which you then contrast the prices, etc. and figure out who is providing what you want for the cheapest price. And when it comes to services, we would also want to see who is providing the best service as well!

Yet whilst the clear majority of people tend to do this with regards to finding the best electricity or gas tariffs, when it comes to TV packages, not many people tend to do an exhaustive search into the options available for them. Instead they merely seek out the package which they think will give them the greatest variety of entertainment or a package which suits what they like to watch most of all.

Yet a great saving tip: shop around for your TV packages is something which is often overlooked by most. Fortunately, if you are looking to either renew your television package or simply looking for an alternative TV package to the current one you are using, there are indeed several options available to you.

So where is the best place to find the most suitable TV package for yourself? And on finding the package you want, do you as the consumer have any room for negotiation?


Whilst all TV packages come with the usual standard terrestrial channels included, how all the packages begin to differentiate from each other is in the additional channels that they have. For example, some TV packages will have more movie channels within their listings; ideal for those who wish to be entertained with a good movie. Yet others may preferably wish to have access to all the sports matches, (be the sport Cricket, Football, Tennis, Baseball, etc.)

Unfortunately, a Google search for TV packages can quickly leave one feeling overwhelmed at the variety of packages around and not all of them happen to be from the same provider. For example, not only does Sky TV offer a sports package, but so does its rivals such as BT and Virgin. Also, there are some Sports packages which whilst being cheaper than others, don’t have as many channels, or the channels they do have are not available 24/7. And this is just the sports packages for there are other packages more focused on Documentaries, News, etc.

Well the first thing which I would recommend you do is to decide what it is that you (and the rest of your household) want to watch on the television. For instance, if you have young children within the house than they would probably prefer children’s entertainment. Likewise, if you happen to be sharing a house full of people who love to be kept up-to-date with current affairs, as well as enjoy learning new things, then a TV package which is heavily focused on the News and Documentaries would be best suited for yourselves.

Once you have figured out just what exactly it is you wish to watch, now comes the Saving Tip: Shop Around for Your TV Package. Rather than just typing in TV packages into Google, it may be worth your while browsing through the various comparison and review sites on the internet, such as uswitch and Digital TV. Sites like these have laid out the various TV providers and what they charge. Beyond comparison websites, another place to look online would be to go straight over to a TV providers site (such as Sky) and looking at all the packages they have and what the cost is.

On finding a few TV packages which you like the look of, you may want to consider phoning the providers of those packages, (Sky, BT, etc.) and inform them that whilst you are interested in their offers, you have seen someone else offer similar TV package for less and as such, can you have a reduction in price. Whilst haggling may not come naturally to you, it is amazing how often just inquiring can lead to a reduction in price for the package.

Whilst picking a TV package may not seem like a big endeavour, it’s amazing how much you can save in a year just by shopping around for what’s on offer!

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