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“Enough” by John Bogle – Life Section (Ch 8-10)


Ch 8 – Too Much Focus on Things, Not Enough Focus on Commitment

Commitment and boldness – these are among the things that truly matter, the things by which we can measure our lives, the things that help turn providence in our favor. Their reach goes far beyond how we earn our living, for never forget that none of us lives by bread alone. P 189

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“Enough” by John Bogle – Business Section (Ch 4-7)


Ch 4 – Too Much Counting, Not Enough Trust

Numbers are not reality. At best, they are a pale reflection of reality. At worst, they’re a gross distortion of the truths we seek to measure. But the damage doesn’t stop there. Not only do we rely too heavily on historic economic and market data; our optimistic bias also leads us to misinterpret the data and give them credence that they rarely merit. P 99-100

Ch 5 – Too Much Business Conduct, Not Enough Professional Conduct

But as so many of our nation’s proudest professions gradually shift their traditional balance away from that of trusted professions serving the interests of their clients of the community and toward that of commercial enterprises seeking competitive advantage, the human beings who rely on those services are the losers. P 125

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“Enough” by John Bogle – Money Section (Ch 1-3)


Ch 1 – Too Much Cost, Not Enough Value

But our financial economy, by definition, deducts from the value created by our productive businesses. Think about it: While the owners of business enjoy the dividend yields and earnings growth that our capitalistic system creates, those who play in the financial markets capture those investment gains only after the costs of financial inter-mediation are deducted. Thus, while investing in American business is a winner’s game, beating the stock market before those costs is a zero-sum game. But after inter-mediation costs are deducted, beating the market – for all of us as a group – becomes a loser’s game. P 47

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Enough by John Bogle

“Enough” by John Bogle – Review & Introduction


Reading can be broken into 3 levels: skimming, reading, & absorbing. Each level represents an increasing amount of interaction. Ideally, the more thought that’s put into the process – the more you should get out of it in the end.

Although a short read at 250+ pages, John Bogle’s Enough fell under the last category as: each, individual word was read, breaks were taken between sections, and some were even re-read in an effort to fully grasp the concepts.

Following the book’s structure, this review will be segmented throughout the week with one, new post each day and the outline for the week below.

Monday, May 31st – Review & Introduction

Tuesday, June 1st – Money (Ch 1 – 3)

Wednesday, June 2nd – Business (Ch 4 – 7)

Thursday, June 3rd – Life (Ch 8 – 10)

Friday, June 4th – Wrapping Up: What’s Enough?

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