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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. That may not seem like something to talk about on a personal finance blog, but it’s more important to discuss than ever. Here at EYF we have three core values: optimization, education and security. We want to use education to help you build security even if you’re working with a mental illness. Ignorance shouldn’t be...
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Engineer Your Finances is all about helping readers increase and expand their financial education, work on improving and optimizing their own financial system, and continue towards the ultimate goal of financial security.  At Adaptu, we believe we can help you achieve your financial goals. Adaptu is an online service, with tools, resources, and a community...
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Turning 30 can be a scary, confronting and sometimes even depressing time for many people, as they realise that the carefree days of their 20s are behind them, and ahead lies responsibility and a lot of hard work. It can also be a confronting realisation to suddenly find yourself ‘old’ and this feeling can be...
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At my age, it doesn’t make sense to pursue a full-time advisor. First off, asset management tends to be for those with substantial holdings, and secondly, I’m pretty “healthy” financially as is. If you think about it in relation to doctor visits, it will make a lot of sense. When you’re young, you don’t go...
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