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Mobile devices have increased our ability to check on our investments wherever we may be and this trend will continue with the release of the Apple Watch on April 24. A number of financial companies have sought to lure more money-minded consumers by designing mobile apps to interact with their different types of financial products...
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Hi All, Inflation is one of those things that the media talks about, but its something that nobody really takes the time to spell out. Inflation means the purchasing power of your cash is eroded.  Let us say, theoretically this means that if you save $100 under the mattress and inflation is 3% per year...
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Hi Guys, Its sometimes hard to judge between two potential investments.  Well, one way to do it is to use the rule of 72.  The rule of 72 says that if you divide any number that represents your investment return into 72 then the result will be the amount of time it takes for your...
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Hi All, When it comes to wealth optimization one problem which comes up is finding a foolproof strategy for increasing your bottom line.   Strategies like investing in stocks, radical budgeting and savings, or starting a small business all work for some people, but not for others.  This aside, one thing which is likely to act...
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