Some people believe that $1 million is an impossible amount to save in a retirement account. Today, the median amount in a retirement account is about $60,000, not nearly enough for a comfortable retirement. Saving that amount of money over the course of a 30-year career is a manageable goal. Many people have been contributing...
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Investing is often viewed as a very complicated endeavor by people that are new to investing. They often believe that the only way to be a successful investor is to know many complex formulas and how to predict future trends accurately. While it is important to do some research before making an investment, you do...
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Those of us in our twenties have been called a lot of things by our elders, but never have we been referred to as “Generation Earn”. Kimberly Palmer, senior editor at US News & World Report and author of the Alpha Consumer column, decided she was fed up with the negative labels associated with young...
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“What should I do with my 401k plan when I leave my job?” The answer to that single question will lead you to an almost unhealthy number of resources offering the right solution for you. If you’ve asked this question before – as have Get Rich Slowly, Money Ning, Joe Taxpayer, Oblivious Investor, or Cash...
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