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Changing your regular habits can have a major effect on your finances. Making small lifestyle changes can result in significant savings over the course of a year. The money saved can be used to progress on a number of financial goals, including paying down debt and saving for the future. Here are twelve easy lifestyle...
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Fidelity Investments’ latest New Year Financial Resolutions Study found that 37 percent of Americans intend to make a money focused New Year’s resolution for 2016. That’s is an increase from the 31 percent reported in 2015. It’s a good sign that more people are thinking about financial goals. However, making money focused New Year’s resolutions...
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Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people discover how useful they can be. Numerous smartphone apps have been created to help people do a wide variety of tasks, from monitoring health to monitoring bank account. There are some apps that can even help you save money when you use them regularly. Here...
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