Here on EYF, the goal is optimization, simplification and efficiency. We recommend that you optimize your savings long before trouble comes. Why? Because we are often our own worst enemy when it comes to maintaining our financial health. A common fallacy is the assumption that we’ll be better people in the future. We think, “Oh I can eat this whole...
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Halloween is a good time to teach your kids the basic principles of money management. According to the National Retail Federation, consumers will spend about $6.9 billion on Halloween this year, an average of $74 per shopper. This figure includes the cost of candy, Halloween decorations, and costumes. Shopping together for these items gives you...
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The act of saving money regularly can be difficult to turn into a habit, even though it is very important to your future financial security. There are so many products and services being advertised as necessary for the improvement of your life that it is very easy to spend every dollar you have and still...
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