18 Jobs People Can Do Without Ever Leaving Home (Or Getting Out Of Pajamas)


When you can’t leave home for work or simply don’t want to, there is a wealth of jobs you can do from home.

Some of them require specific types of experience, while others you can learn as you do them. Here are 18 jobs you can do without leaving home.

Freelance Writing

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There are numerous people who need writing done for professional reasons. They may need their website filled with copy or a business email created. This is a job that you can do from anywhere you happen to be.

Graphic Design

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If you have graphic design skills, you can put those to work for various clients that you find online. It may be designing their website or fliers for their business. Whatever it is they need, you can design it from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Assistant

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Many companies need clerical assistants, and they don’t have to be in the office. There are a number of clerical skills, such as typing and dictation, that can come in handy for those looking for this type of position.

Social Media Management

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Every company has social media, and someone needs to handle those accounts. Many companies outsource that to workers who write and post social media messages from home.

Online Tutoring

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Helping students learn can be done online today through video conferencing. It’s a job that could entail tutoring young kids, middle graders, high school students, or even doing college tutoring.

Content Creation (e.g., YouTube, Podcasting)

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If you have a lot to say, this might be a good position for you. Creating a podcast and making videos are highly time-consuming, but they can pay big when you get a sizable audience watching or listening.

Web Development

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Are you able to program? If so, you can always find clients online who need web development done. Everyone wants a website, and those websites have to be created and maintained. There are countless web development skills that can come in handy for clients from all walks of life.

Online Marketing

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Marketing is increasingly going online, and that work can easily be done by at-home workers who send completed marketing pieces to their clients virtually. From social media to creating ads, all of this work can be done online.

Data Entry

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There are many businesses that rely on data entry for their files, and this has to be done by someone. This is something that many workers do from home thanks to the wide range of data processing and spreadsheet programs available.

Transcription Services

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There are many businesses that rely on transcription services for their records. Many of these include medical businesses that have digital sound files that need to be typed out for easy referencing.

Remote Customer Service

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Customer service phone calls and emails don’t have to go to a central customer service center anymore. They are increasingly farmed out to customer service reps who work from home and answer customer questions.

Online Coaching

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If you’re an expert at something, you can be sure there are people who would like to know how to do it. Online coaching can be done for

E-Commerce (Selling Products Online)

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There are now countless sites and apps that you can use to sell everything from clothing to board games to fine China. If you have products to sell, consider selling them online for quick sales that can encompass a wider market than a local store.

Digital Marketing Consulting

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If you know a lot about marketing, businesses could use your advice about what to do and how to get it done. Consulting is something you can do from anywhere, and there are many companies looking for marketers to help them get more customers.

Remote Project Management

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If you have skills in project management, these roles have been moving online for a while. The same type of management that is done in offices can today be done through a number of types of software that can help you keep it all together.

Online Research

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Getting research done can take time, and some people don’t have that kind of time or manpower. You can fulfill this function online and help individuals and companies get the information they need for their projects.

Virtual Event Planning

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Events can be planned from anywhere today, and event planning is a valuable skill. The many details of events require particular skills to plan. If you have those skills, you can plan everything from meetings to special events and parties.

Remote Software Development

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There is always a market for software development, and it can be done at home with as much precision as in the office. If you have experience in software creation, it’s always a lucrative skill to have, and it’s perfect for doing it from home.


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