15 Jobs That No One Respects as “Real Jobs”


There are some jobs that you hear about and just think- really? That’s a real job?

They may be considered to be real jobs by the person working them, but others may disagree. Some of these are misleading to the job holder, while others are simply pointless. And some of them just have our judgment attached to them. Maybe it’s time to get a real job?

MLM Sales

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A multi-level marketing company recruits salespeople to both sell the product and recruit other people to do the same. While some people see this as starting their own business, most people don’t consider it to be a job. These companies are rife with corruption and can be scammy.

Life Coach

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So, what does a life coach do? Exactly. It’s a poorly defined position that doesn’t have any credentials behind it. Many people seek out this “job” because they haven’t been able to do much else.

Agile/Lean Consultant

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Many types of consultants are suspect, and that is especially true for this kind. They give a lot of presentations, but they’re often just a series of business buzzwords. No one knows why they’re needed.

Managers Who Do Nothing

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We’ve all had a boss who never actually seemed to do anything. These days, a boss who does nothing but delegate could easily be replaced with a good AI program.


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Maybe some people have this gift. It’s certainly possible. However, there are a lot of frauds out there. They want very high pay for basically saying a few generic things to each customer.

Social Media Influencer

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Some people do have an enormous number of followers and can command high prices for sponsored posts. But, do they do anything? Is this at all helpful to humanity? These incomes can also vanish in a flash when someone loses favor with their followers.

Bitcoin Trader

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Bitcoin is highly volatile much of the time, so there is the potential for steep profits. However, cryptocurrency isn’t backed by anything, and it could disappear at any time. It’s also a perfect way for inexperienced traders to lose a lot of money.

NFT Trader

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There are a lot of people who love their NFTs, but these “assets” have a largely negative history. People who pay a lot for their NFTs often see the price bottom out later. People lost billions from the Bored Ape collection alone.

Unpaid Internships

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If you got yourself a great job, but it doesn’t pay, that isn’t a job. With companies in so much need of personnel, there should be no reason not to pay an intern.


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Some politicians work hard every day, but many simply don’t. They skip meetings and votes and don’t do much of anything for their communities.


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You advertise a product that is sold and shipped by a dropshipping company. Virtually every product has numerous people trying to make a profit from it, leaving little to no profit for anyone. Posting a product ad and waiting for money to roll in isn’t a profession.

Nepo Baby Jobs

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Sure, some people are well-qualified for a job and decide to work with their family members. However, there are a lot of “consultant” and other positions that are given to family members who have no specific qualifications. This keeps talented, experienced workers out of a lot of jobs.

Streaming Gamer

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If you’re streaming yourself playing games, this isn’t a job for most people. While countless people dream of doing this for a living, it generally isn’t very profitable. It’s also kind of pointless.


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Introducing people to each other isn’t a career. Maybe it once was, and some people are still clinging to it. Matchmaking can easily be done these days with an app.

Scam Call Center Workers

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So you sit in an office all day and call people to scam them? Not a real job. Call center scammers have been a problem for decades, but it only seems to be getting worse.

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