Apps That Can Help People Sell On Craigslist


Apps That Can Help People Sell On Craigslist“One’s trash is another’s treasure” is the actual concept of garage sales and flea markets. If you don’t have the time to make arrangements for one or if your network of local friends is probably very small, have confidence in our good old friend, the internet. There are numerous sites, and even forums you can actually go, to post your items on and one of the most well-known sites is Craigslist.

I’ve come up with some of the best apps for buying or selling on Craigslist.

Craigslist Mobile

The first app in the list is an app that permits you to search with photo previews so you can post to Craigslist via your Android phone. It’s known as Craigslist Mobile. It is an app with an easy, instinctive interface that is loaded with features to make browsing, posting, searching, and replying to quite simple from the palm of your hand.

It works with all major countries; hence Craigslist users are guaranteed to find something for them, regardless of where they’re located.

Craigslist Browser

In the event you need a substitute app to browse with, there’s Craigslist Browser. This app comes with a simple interface and fast navigation. It helps you search all the U.S. states and cities. Regrettably, it implies that if you’re a Craigslist user outside of the U.S., this app would certainly not be of much help to you.

Tap on the state of your interest, and you’ll see the different cities. Tap on the city you’re in and you can gain access to Craigslist’s various categories. Respond to an ad that captures your interest making use of the Craigslist Browser and receive a response without having to power up your computer.

Craigslist for Android (CLapp)

Craigslist for Android, commonly known a CLapp, is a Craigslist search app written by a Craigslist addict for Craigslist enthusiasts. The app aspires to be simple to use and to be visually pleasing, but it’s much more. On top of that, it has numerous features like tabbed views for Search, Saved Searches, Favorites, and Browse. You can swipe between tabs and search all Craigslist destinations by selecting either the full list, proximity, or most recently searched locations. It is possible to reply to ads while you’re viewing them through e-mail, phone, or text message.

CraigsPro+ Craigslist + Alerts

Next is CraigsPro+ Craigslist + Alerts. It’s another app that allows you to browse Craigslist effortlessly from your Android device. This app allows you to run concurrent multi-city searches. The app features a Map browser which supplies you an idea of the ads in your area and those nearest to you, an image wall, and GPS-based auto-location. No need to squint at the screen because CraigsPro+ has zoomable full-screen photos.

Craigslist Pro

Here’s one more Craigslist app that guarantees “the Ultimate Craigslist Experience.” Don’t be deceived by its name; Craigslist Pro isn’t a paid app. Nevertheless, it really packs quite a lot of features.

It lets you search multiple cities at the same time and preview results with thumbnail images and item descriptions to enable you to find the things you need without delay. Craigslist Pro’s GPS-based Auto-location will instantly find and recommend Craigslist areas closest to you.

Post images to Craigslist by means of Craigslist Pro and successfully manage your Craigslist account. Additionally, you can save and reuse fully configured searches. Craigslist Pro equally works with Google Maps to retrieve directions to listings from your present location.

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