The 14 States Who Have The Best Teeth

Close up lifestyle fashion portrait of two pretty fresh young brunette and blonde best friends girls, having vacation on the tropical island beach, wearing bikini sunglasses and bright jewelry .

Dental health is important to your overall health. Not taking care of your teeth and gums can cause many serious health problems. There are some states whose residents take better care of their teeth than those of other states. A lot of factors go into what makes a state have better dental health than another. … Read more

15 Pivotal Moments of the Last Decade That Will Certainly End up in History Books

Elbow bumping. A new way of greeting to avoid the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Two people (a man and a woman) bump elbows instead of hug or handshake. New normal.

In a decade marked by unprecedented challenges and transformative changes, the last decade has been full of events that will undoubtedly shape history for generations. From global pandemics to groundbreaking advancements in technology, the fabric of our society has been altered in ways unimaginable just years prior. Here’s a look at the fifteen moments that … Read more