8 Different Ways To Save Bucket Loads of Money On Your Water Bill


Running a household is already expensive enough. Besides all the taxes and mortgages, and lately, inflation that we have to keep up with, we also have water and electricity bills to stay ahead of.

Here are some ways in which you can not only save the planet’s precious water resources but also some cash on your water bill.

Take Shorter Showers

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Yes, we know how amazing it is to take super long showers, but unfortunately, they aren’t much help for getting our water bills down. Taking short showers is one of the fastest ways to reduce your overall water usage. Since you’re taking daily showers, shorter showers can very quickly add up to some serious water bill savings.

Reuse and Recycle Water

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If you want to reduce your water usage, then why not place a bucket in your shower and kitchen sink to collect the water that would otherwise go down the drain? This water can be used to water your plants, which will reduce the water you use for this task tremendously. Instead of chucking your pasta water out next time, you can save it for watering your garden!

Load up the Dishwasher

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By simply only running your dishwasher when it is full, you can save a lot of water. Just make sure you never run your machine when there are still empty spaces left.

Skip the Rinse

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Every time you do a load of washing, and you select an extra rinse cycle, you are chugging about five extra gallons of water. This tip speaks for itself.

Collect Rain Water

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Besides collecting your shower and kitchen sink water, you can also set up some buckets and containers outside to collect rainwater. One could even install a rain barrel, which is far better at collecting rainwater in your garden. It is, however, crucial to become familiar with local laws and regulations, as certain localities have limits on collecting rainwater.

Go Native

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To save on the amount of water you use in your garden, you could start by swapping your non-native plants with native and more drought-resistant grasses, shrubs, flowers, and trees. Such varieties have survived for long periods, and they are also specifically suited to thrive in dry conditions, which means they will require a lot less water to flourish.

Fix Your Leaks

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Even small leaks, like a leaky toilet, could easily dump countless gallons of water down the drain every month. The goal should be to fix any sort of leak that pops up as soon as you spot it. An easy way to determine if you have a leaky toilet is by adding some sort of color, like food coloring, to it, and if the color has vanished in 15 minutes, then you’ll know that it’s time to pay attention to that leaky toilet!

Low-Flow Toilets

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It should come as no surprise that toilets are one of the biggest suckers when it comes to water consumption. They can easily contribute to one-third of a household’s water usage. Installing a brand new toilet may be a bit pricey at first, but with all the water you’ll be saving with a new low-flow toilet, the installation will pretty much pay for itself over time.

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