Federal Reserve Futures Went Negative. Now What?

Federal Reserve

When it comes to the Federal Reserve, things get extremely confusing. Essentially, they take care of the economy by setting interest rates that either expand or shrink the money supply. Since the Fed is technically a private company, the stock market trades on their “futures,” and the price on them just went negative. This is leading some to believe that the Fed may have to set negative interest rates to expand the money supply, making debt cheaper and easier to get for consumers. While it takes legitimate experts to dive into the nitty-gritty, we may have someone with the right knowledge to show you how this affects you. Today, we will be doing a video analysis from Meet Kevin about how the new interest rates will affect your money, your retirement, and your possible stimulus.

Kevin’s Credibility

Meet Kevin is a YouTuber and real estate investor that has extensive knowledge on personal finance and wealth creation. He originally gained his wealth through his real estate and investment strategies, landing him exceptional money for someone his age. As a result, he has built quite the following of people who want to learn from him and get his take on finance issues. While he isn’t a bona fide economist, he has a great and varied perspective on how this will affect your investments. Let’s dive in:

In Summary

While nothing is certain, Kevin laid out a lot of possibilities for which you should prepare. The key is not to panic, but to think wisely about how the Federal Reserve can affect you, and set up a gameplan to either protect yourself, or take advantage. Don’t go diving into debt you weren’t already going to take on, but if you were going to enter into some anyway, now may be the time. Choose wisely, and make sure you don’t make any snap decisions that risk your livelihood.

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