15 Cheap Hobbies Beyond Walking and Running


Hobbies can be fun and healthy, and they’re constructive uses of time. Some are quite expensive, though, like creating drone footage and collecting electric trains.

What are some inexpensive hobbies other than walking and running, which many people do already?

Library Time

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Library cards are free or cheap. At modern libraries, you can also do a lot more than read. You can watch movies and shows, go online, listen to music, and more.


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Reading is a wonderful way to pass the time. As a bonus, you’ll expand your knowledge and your vocabulary, and it might even help you become a better writer.


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Sure, you can spend thousands of dollars on a top-of-the-line viewing scope, but that isn’t necessary. All you need is a decent pair of binoculars. Birding is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, learn more about the world, and get some exercise.

Cooking and Baking

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This hobby is more than just a constructive use of time. You also get to enjoy the results of your efforts. Plus, since you have to eat anyway, you’re knocking off an essential chore and having fun doing it!


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This can be as simple as doodling with a pen or pencil. On the other end, you could be using colored pens and pencils to create impressive sketches. Not naturally talented in art? You can find free online demos covering the basics of drawing.

Learn to Play an Instrument

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Find an inexpensive instrument that has always appealed to you. If you want to save money on professional instruction, you can find self-guided courses. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you have something fun to do almost anytime you want.


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Here’s another hobby that results in a finished product you or others can enjoy. Some people get so good at this that they start making their own clothes!


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There’s no shortage of organizations desperate for help from volunteers. Many people find volunteering to be deeply rewarding since they get to give back to their communities and make a difference in people’s or animals’ lives.


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You don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy spending time outdoors in your garden. Just tending to a few flowering plants can feel satisfying. All the same, you can also grow food for your use, cutting your grocery bills.


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One of the healthiest forms of exercise and among the best ways to enjoy some fresh air, biking has great appeal to a lot of people. You can also do two things at once by using your bike to run some errands.


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Okay, technically this is walking, but hiking implies that you’re doing something more than walking around the neighborhood. Often, it involves beautiful outdoor settings where you can also recharge your spirit.

Disc Golf

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Disc golf has caught on in a big way in recent decades. You can get a group of friends to do it with you or join a recreational league.

Rock Climbing

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It doesn’t cost that much to take a course on the basics of safety and techniques, and gear for the basics will only set you back a few hundred dollars. The gear will last a long time, and you can enjoy this activity no matter your age or ability level.


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This classic game of strategy can fill hours at a time and challenge your mind. If you don’t have someone to play, you can play chess online for free.


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Kayaks aren’t cheap, but a basic all-around model isn’t all that expensive. After that, all you need are a PFD, paddle, and water shoes, and you’re set to enjoy the water. If you’re going to take on whitewater, you’ll need a helmet as well and should seek qualified instruction.

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