The 8 Beers That Will Be the Most Consumed at the Super Bowl


As the nation gears up for the Super Bowl extravaganza, a closer look at beer preferences during this iconic event reveals a diverse and flavorful tapestry of choices that contribute to the symphony of cheers echoing across living rooms and sports bars.

A recent survey from Zinklar reveals the brand loyalties shaping the Super Bowl beer setting, offering insights into the varied tastes accompanying every thrilling touchdown and nail-biting play.

Corona Extra

 A girl on the beach takes out a bottle of Corona Extra beer from her bag.
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In the grand arena of Super Bowl beer preferences, Corona Extra stands as the undisputed champion, capturing the taste buds of an impressive 26.2% of respondents. Known for its smooth and refreshing profile, this Mexican lager captures the atmosphere of a relaxed, sun-soaked celebration. Whether paired with zesty lime wedges or enjoyed in its pure form, Corona Extra stakes its claim as the go-to choice for fans wanting a touch of beachside bliss while cheering for their favorite team.

Coors Light

 Coors Light 24 pack beer display at local grocery store. Coors Light is one of the top selling domestic beers in the United States.
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Securing a solid spot in the Super Bowl beer lineup, Coors Light claims the support of 20.0% of participants. Coors Light, known for its crisp and cold refreshment, is an all-time favorite and a symbol of mountain-crafted excellence. As fans gather to witness the football showdown, Coors Light provides a refreshing companion, ensuring that every sip is as energizing as the game itself.

Modelo Especial

Two cans of Modelo Especial on ice closeup. First bottled in 1925, Modelo Especial is the number 2 imported beer in the U.S. by case sales.
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The Modelo Especial, with its unique and full-bodied flavor, is preferred by 13.9% of Super Bowl fans. This Mexican lager, with its golden color and rich flavor, adds elegance to the beer selection. As fans sip the delicate flavors of Modelo Especial, they elevate their Super Bowl experience with a beer that goes beyond the ordinary, providing a taste journey to accompany the excitement on the field.

Michelob Ultra

Two bottles of Michelob Ultra on a bed of ice. Introduced in 2002 Michelob Ultra is a light beer with reduced calories and carbohydrates, from Anheuser-Busch.
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Balancing the scales of light delight, 14% of participants favor Michelob Ultra. This low-calorie, low-carb alternative is a guilt-free pleasure for people who are conscious of their game-day selections. As fans seek a refreshing and lighter beer option, Michelob Ultra steps up to the plate, offering a satisfying sip without compromising on flavor.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon beer on display at Chef Guy Fieri presented designed for Carnival cruises Open-Air Barbeque Eatery at Beer-B-Que at 620 Loft and Garden
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For those who enjoy craft beer, Blue Moon stands out as a tasty option, catching the taste buds of 12% of respondents. This Belgian-style wheat beer, sometimes served with an orange slice, is a clever treat that improves the Super Bowl beer experience. As fans want a more handmade and subtle brew, Blue Moon provides a unique alternative that stands out in an array of options.

Bud Light Seltzer

Bud Light Seltzer. Four cans, Lemon Lime, Mango, Strawberry and Black Cherry flavors in a bed of ice.
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Adding a sparkling twist to traditional beer choices, Bud Light Seltzer earns the favor of 9% of participants. This sparkling and fruit-infused alternative caters to those seeking a different kind of refreshment during the Super Bowl festivities. With an array of flavors to choose from, Bud Light Seltzer brings a playful and lively dimension to the beer lineup.

Stella Artois

Stella Artois, renowned brand of beer, marketed in several countries, is a pilsner brewed in Leuven, Belgium, since 1926
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Stella Artois remains a highly recommended option for lovers of Belgian beer elegance, with 3% of respondents preferring it. Stella Artois, sipped from its well-known chalice, represents a sophisticated taste experience that brings a bit of European flare to Super Bowl celebrations. As fans enjoy the unique flavor of this Belgian lager, they embark on an adventure of beer expertise.

Kona Big Wave

Closeup of bottels Kona hawaiian craft beer big wave in shelf of german supermarket.
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Kona Big Wave appeals to 2% of participants who enjoy craft beer with an island-inspired twist. This golden lager, reminiscent of Hawaiian coasts, offers a surge of taste that stands out among the wide range of Super Bowl beer options. Fans surf the Kona Big Wave, infusing their Super Bowl experience with a laid-back, tropical ambiance.

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