19 Ways Lazy People Make Money Without a Job


Technically, almost any endeavor that earns you money and involves activity on your part is a job. However, in a practical sense, most of us think of a job as something regular, i.e. what you do for a living. There are other ways to earn money without a traditional job that follows a set schedule and pays a set wage.

Many of them are things you can do just a single time or on the side according to your schedule. Some have the potential to turn into full-time jobs on their own.


Street Performing

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Do you play an instrument or have some other performance talent? In urban areas that get a lot of food traffic, you can showcase that talent and earn tips for it.



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If you have a particular skill or knowledge set or a passion for something (travel, for example), you can start a blog. Ad revenue or subscriptions can provide extra income, and you can write as little or as much as you want.


Having an Online Store

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This is one that can easily turn into a full-time business. However, you don’t have to get that involved. You can just sell things on local social media groups for some extra cash and to free up space.


Selling Things on eBay

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When selling things online, you can reach a much wider audience on eBay. Just be aware that if you reach a certain income threshold, you can be subject to taxes on it.


Participating in Focus Groups

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Marketing agencies and political organizations are always looking to get a sense of what customers and voters think and feel. They’ll often pay good money to people who take part in focus groups.


Taking Care of Pets

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If you love animals, this is a low-stress way to earn money, and it could develop into a full-time gig if that’s what you want. Busy people and vacationing families always need someone trustworthy to walk dogs, feed pets, provide companionship, etc.


Leasing Out Belongings

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Have you ever needed a tool or something else for a short period or specific use and not wanted to buy something you won’t use again? If so, you can see why leasing out such items if you own them can appeal to a lot of people.


Completing Online Surveys

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Research companies always need people to voluntarily fill out surveys. At the kitchen table or even all cozy in bed, you can complete online surveys and get paid for it.



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Tutoring is always in demand and it pays well. People who are true experts in difficult subjects can earn $100 or more per hour, though the norm is well under that.


Selling Your Body (!)

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We’re not talking about dangerous or illegal activities like organ donation and the “world’s oldest profession!” However, it’s perfectly legal and safe to donate blood, hair, sperm, and eggs provided you pass the screening.


Collecting Bottles, Cans, and Scrap Metal

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Some states and countries collect deposits when you buy glass bottles and some other beverage containers. You can collect returnable bottles and cans and get paid for them while also making the world a little cleaner. Selling scrap metal is also an easy way to earn some quick cash.


Performing Yard Work

Lawn Care or Landscaping.
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Some people have physical conditions that keep them from mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, etc. Others just hate doing it. Many of them will be happy to pay a willing neighbor to do these tasks.


Having a Garage or Yard Sale

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Maybe the most time-honored way of getting rid of unneeded items is to sell them at your home or a community location. People are always looking to get great deals on used items in good condition.


Performing Odd Jobs

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Lots of your neighbors are eager for someone who can take care of handyman work or other odd jobs for them. You get to make your own schedule and set your own rates.


Watch Movie Previews

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On InBox Dollars, you can watch previews, answer a few questions about them, and get paid for them. Talk about an easy and fun way to earn some extra money!


Doing Simple Online Tasks

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Do you know your way around websites and the internet? If you do, you can make an account on Freecash and earn up to $1000 a month or more for completing tasks they assign you.


Renting Out Extra Space

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Storage units are expensive, and trips to them are usually inconvenient. If you have extra space in your home that you’re not using, people in your neighborhood may be willing to pay to store items there. All you have to do is provide the space and access to it.

Testing Websites and Apps

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UserTesting.com and similar sites need people to try out websites and apps to see how well they work. That feedback is important to developers, and you’ll get paid for it.



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The best way to earn money without working is to inherit money or to invest it. Once you have some capital to spare, you can get great returns on it by investing it in stocks or new businesses. It’s best to consult a financial advisor when doing this.

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