6 Ways to Stay Safe From Online Scams


The internet is a wonderful place, but sadly, it has a dark side to it, too. We have become so intertwined with the web in recent years, and sometimes, it can be difficult to remember that not everyone on the internet has our best interests in mind.

There are so many scams online nowadays, and to keep you safe from them, we’ve compiled some information on them and helpful tips to avoid or navigate them if you have succumbed to one of them.

Stay Alert of Strangers Contacting You

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It’s always a good idea to stay skeptical of strangers who randomly make contact with you through email or messaging on any of the social media platforms. What could they possibly need from you if they don’t even know you? Also, avoid sending personal information or opening links or attachments from emails from sources that you don’t know.

Verify Web Addresses or URLs

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There are a lot of fake stores that have popped up lately, and some of them even have ads coming up on your social media feeds. To ensure that an online store you wish to purchase from is the original store, you need to verify this with the web address. Many of these ‘fake sites’ have URLs that closely resemble the original site, but you will only know once you check up on that.

Protect Your Devices

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It’s crucial to keep your spam filters, firewalls, and antivirus software in check! Make sure these programs are up to date to have optimal protection on your devices.

Act Immediately

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If you ever come to a point where you have fallen victim to a scam, then the only thing that you can do is report it. If you have given any personal information or sensitive information like account numbers, passwords, or anything like that, then it would be best to notify the companies that you have these accounts with.

They will probably know which steps to take next and will most likely freeze your accounts going forward.

Trust Your Gut

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As the old saying goes: If it sounds too good to be true (then sorry), but it probably is. If something is being sold for an ultra-low price or you’re being offered something for free, then more often than not, it’s probably a scam.

It’s times like these when you have to trust your gut and avoid getting scammed when your instincts tell you that something smells fishy.

PIN or Password Requests

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Some scammers have found a way to scam you by sending emails or messages to request a password or PIN to your account because there has been some sort of fraudulent or suspicious activity linked to your account. This is the part where you have to ask yourself if the bank or company you’ve subscribed to would ever contact you and ask you for a PIN or password online.

Banks and other sites like the ones you pay subscription fees to would never ask for your personal information over email or phone calls. They would also never send someone to your home to retrieve this sort of information.

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