Something must be going on with my contact form, because I received an odd amount of duplicate, triplicate, and fourteen-icate submissions from a few folks while others only had one… Where those who submitted more than once getting bounce-back messages or anything like that?

We got a few last minute submissions, but now we’ve also got a few extra articles to read. Since I’m hosting this quick little Yakezie Carnival, can’t help put plug my own work!

Enjoy the Carnival!

Interview with Saly Glassman author of It’s About More Than Money (giving you part II, but don’t forget to part with part I)!

If you’re in it to win it and Make Money Blogging Money Help for Christians offers us a 7,500+ guide for beginners on how to make money blogging.

Money Crush gives us 31 Days to a Better Bank Balance. Better wait for October unless you can do 2 a day now!

What is Asset Allocation? Head over to Free From Broke for the answer!

Hitting on something that’s a little more intense, Invest It Wisely asks: Consumer Ethics and Animals: Where Do You Draw the Line?

Ever wonder – Do You Buy These Overpriced Items? And of course Faithful With A Few has a great cover picture.

Tired of paying utility bills? Head over to Darwin’s Money to see how he’s getting paid by his to conserve energy.

Well-Heeled tried to trick me by submitting three links and letting me choose. Since I’d already read the background article elsewhere, it wasn’t hard to choose Debt is Kiss of Death for Relationships – simply crazy!

Car Negotiation Coach keeps looking out for those used car buyers by explaining: How does a vehicle history report work.

Credit card rewards can be pretty different and Nerd Wallet has a Rewards Showdown on two high-profile travel cards.

Through having kids, Money Reasons gives some great examples of free and fun Things To Do in The Fall.

While I probably should give some disclaimer, Frugal Zeitgeist does so for me at the end of Buying Beer in Bulk.

Watson Inc goes through the 7 Surprising Facts About Millionaires. Drawing on various sources, he gives another thoughtful breakdown on the topic.

Personal Finance by the Book may not be able to navigate in the woods, but he does have a clear spiritual understanding and provides us with Your Financial Compass: Knowing Which Way is North

Dr. Dean of Millionaire Nurse Blog wants YOU to invest in your government! Actually, he just wants to give you a little information on US Government Bonds.

As if blogging wasn’t enough writing, Narrow Bridge has just finished his e-Book – the Personal Finance Arsenal. And of course, I’m guessing that’s him on the cover ;)

And good ole’ Len Penzo. Last but not least… He sent over Five Lessons From My Italian Father on Marriage and Money.

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  1. Well, not sure I want to give the government any more of MY money. With the way it’s being spent right now.

    But I think the US Gov. bonds and notes are a safe place to park money-no yield right now-but safe!
    Thanks for including me!

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Dr. Dean:

      haha. I figured as much, just liked the play on words. And sometimes wealth preservation is more important than wealth growth.

  2. Two reasons why my comment is so late (take your pick):

    1. I figured since I was late to turn in my article, I’d also be late with my comment.
    2. I was waiting for Money Reasons to leave his comment first. ;-)

    Well done!


    Len Penzo

    1. Fin Engr

      @ Len:

      Looks like you and MR got something personal going on? ;) And the reason I am late to responding is because I was waiting for YOUR comment :) Top Finance Blogs