8 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Energy Levels


We’re not so sure about you, but nowadays, waking up tired is a common occurrence for a lot of people. Of course, we have so many things on our to-do list, so having low energy levels is not even an option.

And that’s where we can help out. Here is a list of eight things you can do to get an instant energy boost, and no, there’s no coffee involved.

5-Minute of Movement

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Did you know that it only takes five minutes of movement, such as walking or stretching, to give you an instant energy boost? This will not only increase your energy but also guarantee the release of some feel-good endorphins. Yes, it’s as easy as that.

Drink a Glass of Water

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Just in case you didn’t know – being dehydrated could add to feeling sluggish. Perhaps to avoid not getting enough water in, it may be best to invest in a large water bottle. You can even add a couple of lemon or orange slices if plain water is not your thing. As a bonus, you’ll need more bathroom breaks, which adds to increasing your daily movement.

A Quick Stretch

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Stretching not only has benefits for your body, but your mind and energy levels can also benefit from this practice. All it takes is a quick morning stretch to get the blood flowing and the energy levels up.

Get Some Sunlight

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Have you heard that getting a bit of sunshine increases mood and energy levels almost instantly? That’s thanks to an increase in serotonin levels in the brain, and this is linked with improved mood. It should come as no surprise that the overall serotonin levels and, therefore, happiness levels are a lot higher for most people in the summertime.

Grab a Power Snack

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When you aren’t eating enough, it can make you feel a bit sluggish, and that’s why it’s best to opt for a snack when you’re feeling tired and hungry. Try opting for something that combines fats and proteins, and if you want to go for something sweet, then reach for fruit instead of something sugary to avoid a sugar spike, which may make energy levels dip even lower.

Think apple slices with peanut butter, almonds, and dates or carrot sticks with hummus. The options are unlimited!

Take a Few Deep Breaths

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We all know how demanding living in the 21st century can be, and that’s why it’s sometimes crucial to take a few steps back and just take a few deep breaths.

Listen to Music

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If you want an instant power-up, then how about reaching for your speaker or headphones and playing some music with a fast beat that will pump you up? Everyone has (or should have) a jamming playlist that they listen to when they do a workout session. This would be a great time to use it (or make this playlist if you don’t already have one).

Take a Nap

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This may seem like an obvious choice, but sometimes we forget about this little hack. Perhaps you are tired because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before? The best kind of nap is probably a power nap since a long 2-hour nap may make you feel groggy.

Ah, the wonders of having a good old nap.

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