Happy 1st Anniversary EYF


1-year AnniversaryHard to believe this site has been in existence for over a year now. Instead of celebrating this milestone with a boisterous “HOORAY”, it’s more of a wimpy “yay”.

Readership continues to grow despite any regularity or consistency in the writings. Facebook fans are almost at 100 and the Twitter following hovers 400. Comments and discussions have dropped off and are one area I’d like to work on. Admittedly, I can’t expect comments without posting relevant and entertaining articles.

Inactive for an entire month, all of the recent listings have consisted of third party guest posts. Subjecting readers to my sporadic postings only punishes myself and establishing a better schedule for writing is another goal for me to work on. Don’t get me wrong, ideas for articles come to mind everyday as I read and think about finance – these ideas just don’t seem to make it from brain to keyboard.

Of all the things that keep me blogging, the #1 top has to be the Yakezie Network. Throughout my extended periods of inactivity, I’ve always returned with this sense of guilt from neglecting the members and current events. Even during these times, it remains one of my stronger support networks (outside of my loving wife). Amazingly I have yet to draft my Yakezie Network biography or announce my intentions to pursue a position for “Publication Marketing & Author Liaison” (the title isn’t real).

The most noticeable improvement since the site’s launching has been the push towards professionalism. If you’ve been reading since the beginning, you can agree with the dramatic improvement to the overall website. Initially a frustrating battle, one unforeseen benefit has been the regained interest in coding.

After writing for some time, I decided to make the shift from personal finance blogging to personal finance book review blogging. It has been a combined successful and failed venture. So aggressive with pursuing authors, I ended up receiving more books than I could realistically review. If you check out the Book Review section, I would say I’ve only made it through half of what’s sitting on my shelf.

I can easily say this has been a worthwhile pursuit thus far. There have been only ups along the way and not really any downs. I plan to continue blogging for the near future and hopefully the site’s growth will march right along with its age.

So thanks to everyone for: reading the articles, commenting, subscribing, retweeting, and liking the site. I’m looking forward to writing more quality content and seeing what this next year will bring.


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