4 Ways to Save More Money With Coupons and Codes


5477619423_5dc049f19b_zEveryone loves to get price reductions using coupon codes, those strange little phrases that help us save money during the online checkout process. But how many of us shoppers actually seek them out? Most people just stumble upon a code when they visit their favorite retailers’ websites and get some impromptu savings. Smart shoppers know, however, that there is plenty of money to be saved by searching carefully for deals, coupons and codes. Here are four more ways to maximize your efforts.

Join a Group

There are a lot of online forums where savvy shoppers share advice and resources pertaining to coupons and discount codes. You can even look for groups that are specific to your geographic area. That way, you know you have the same access to print coupon resources as the other posters have. They might share coupon codes as well, based on their own email subscriptions or just their research on the internet. The people who join these groups love to tell about their savings conquests, so you might glean some ideas for new ways to save money.
Enlist Your Friends

If the people in your life also have a desire to save money where possible, they are a great resource for creative ideas. Even if they are not bargains shoppers, they can still let you know if when there are coupon codes available or if they see great deals online, especially if they know you are in the market for a particular item, such as a new laptop. You may not get a chance to surf the internet every day, but by enlisting your friends, you have a better chance at finding good deals you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Subscribe to Emails

We all get a ton of emails each day, and many of them are unsolicited. But if you have a favorite retailer whose products you love, you should immediately be subscribing to its email newsletter. There’s a good chance it will contain daily or weekly deals on top items you have been looking for. Even if that day’s deal is not for you, you can alert your network of friends or online forum users that the code is available.

Check for Online Discounts

There are probably a hundred small things you can do in your life to save money, many of which are mentioned in an article from DontPayFull.com that was posted recently. Often, you can get a lower price on big-ticket items you see in a physical store by looking for the same products online. As an added bonus, online sites often provide free shipping, which is much better than trying to get a refrigerator home from a store in the back of your car.

Saving money on daily or major purchases can be easier if you take advantage of available resources such as forums, friends and online discounts. You don’t have to be content with paying full price anymore if you don’t want to. It just takes a little time and research to find better options that benefit your family and your finances.

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