Where Should I Invest in My Home?


You’ve come to a crossroads of home ownership. You’re probably considering making the leap, taking out a bigger mortgage and going for that big, bigger house in a different neighbourhood, or you are thinking of re-modelling your home. Stay where you are, because you are happy, and recreate the magic of the house you originally bought.

Fast Florida House Sale recently conducted an investigation into what the average costs of redoing rooms in your home would come to and some of the information is staggering.

Think about budget

One of the key considerations of redoing your home is, how much should you spend. This is all down to budget and the size of the project that you want to get involved in. Some home fixes would be essential, such as a new roof.

Fast Florida House Sale discovered that the average cost of a roof repair is close to $7,000. If your budget was $10,000 or even $15,000 that doesn’t leave a lot left for any other major jobs.

Our advice, make a critical list of what is essential and what is a want. Once you’ve done that, you can start to budget according to your needs.

Don’t just repair the inside

You could be thinking that it is the inside that needs fixing up, but the first impressions you get of your home is also on the outside. From white picket fences to a well maintained garden and even a lick of paint on the exterior you know that if your house has more exterior appeal, you will get more out of the investment you make to your home.

Fixing your garden and painting the outside could cost up to $8,000 dollars on average; whilst a lot of money, it can also provide security (new fencing), and make your house stand out in the neighbourhood, not such a bad thing.

Kitchens and Bathrooms are expensive

A lot of people want to remodel their whole interior living area and that’s great if you have the budget, but our investigation into the associated costs could make you reconsider.

Kitchens can cost up to $20,000 for a remodelling and bathrooms, up to $9,000. You may want to consider doing these changes in phases, perhaps decorating, changing appliances and then a re-fit of cabinets and white bathroom goods to phase your cost over time.

Fast Florida House Sale have provided a useful infographic for you to check what the average, lowest and biggest costs to any house repairs would be. Check it out below:


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