401(k) plan
Saving for retirement is a very important part of financial planning. Having a goal for your retirement savings can keep you on the right track, but meeting those goals can be difficult. A recent survey conducted by Capital One Bank found that only a third of respondents accomplished their financial goals last year. This year,...
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The importance of saving for retirement cannot be overstated. Taking advantage of tax deferred retirement accounts is one of the best ways to build wealth and ensures your financial security in the future. The government has instituted maximum contribution levels for these retirement accounts to keep the accounts from being abused by the wealthy as...
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For most of the people employed in the United States, the 401(k) plan is their largest source of retirement savings and the key to their future financial security. Increasing the amount of money in your 401(k) plan to the point where it will sustain you during your retirement years requires dedication and careful budgeting. These...
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Millions of Americans are missing out on a billions of dollars in free money. How, you ask? They are missing out on free money by not getting the full employer matching contribution for their 401(k) accounts. According to a new report by independent investment advisory firm Financial Engines, workers left an average of $1,336 in...
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