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Less than half of the states in the United States require high school students to take financial literacy courses before graduating. This means that too many young people are going off to college with little idea of how to properly manage their finances. Teaching your kids these five money tips will help them learn how...
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According to a study from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, roughly 68 percent of employers surveyed offered some form of financial education program to their workers in the past year. These programs are aimed at teaching employees basic financial management skills that they can use to get their finances in order and budget...
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Should have figured this earlier on, but we’re experiencing a growing number of engineers coming out of the closet – as personal finance bloggers! Maybe its that natural disposition to analysis or that notorious reputation for penny-pinching, but whatever it is, I’m glad our numbers our growing. After reading Joe’s bio, it inspired me to...
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At my age, it doesn’t make sense to pursue a full-time advisor. First off, asset management tends to be for those with substantial holdings, and secondly, I’m pretty “healthy” financially as is. If you think about it in relation to doctor visits, it will make a lot of sense. When you’re young, you don’t go...
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