15 Surprising Things Millennials and Boomers Actually Agree On


Boomers get stereotyped for complaining about how bad everything is, but sometimes they have a point. What things are you “I’m with the Boomers” on? Internet users shared their thoughts.

Touch Screens in Cars

Hand pressing touchscreen in car.
Image Credit: Dusan Petkovic/Shutterstock.

They do neat things, but they also add a lot to the cost. Plus, they’re major distractions. Weren’t cell phones in cars bad enough already?


Training Dogs Properly

A dog eating dry food from its bowl. A metal bowl stands on the floor, the dog eats proper and balanced food. Dietary advice for dogs from a veterinarian.
Image Credit: moonmovie/Shutterstock.

Somewhere along the line, a lot of people started seeing their pets as furry humans rather than animals. It’s led to no end of poorly trained and socialized dogs, sometimes with tragic outcomes for both humans and the dogs.


Subscriptions for Media Content

Interface of video distribution service. Subscription service. Streaming video. communication network.
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What the media companies giveth, they can also taketh away. With actual ownership of what you pay for going away, people are finding that content they pay to view or read can disappear, even when they’ve downloaded it.


Apps for Everything

SARAJEVO , BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - March 28 , 2015: New gray iPhone 6 with colorful screen in woman's hand. iPhone 6 was created and developed by the Apple inc.
Image Credit: Ellica/Shutterstock.

Boomers get a lot of derision for being old fogies who can’t use technology, but they have a point when asking why you’re asked to download apps for everything now. Who needs all that clutter, and what was wrong with regular old websites?


Creating Accounts Just To Make a Transaction

Casual People Account LogIn Security Protection Concept.
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Even more astonishing is being forced to create an account to make a simple purchase. One can only wonder how many purchases never get completed because customers don’t want to bother.


Bar Music Being Too Loud

NASHVILLE, TN, USA - MARCH 24, 2019: Live music with Brazilbilly at Robert’s Western World on Broadway in Nashville.
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“If it’s too loud, you’re too old” is something that young people have yelled at older people ever since the Boomers themselves were kids. But if you’ve been to a bar lately, you’ve probably noticed that once the band or the DJ gets going, you have to shout just to carry on a conversation. Isn’t that what concerts are for?


Sound and Brightness on TV

A young girl watching movies and eating popcorn with a bowl on the background of the TV. The color bright lighting, blue and red.
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As they age, people usually experience losses in hearing and sight, but the Boomers are spot on when they say that lighting is too dark and sound is out of whack. Examples: background music drowning out the dialogue and sudden fluctuations from quiet to booming. (See what we did there?).


Data Collection and Targeted Ads

Online documentation database and document management system concept. Businesswoman working on laptop with virtual screen.
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Have you noticed that you see a lot of online ads geared towards your interests or past shopping habits? Or have you experienced typing in a search query and the search engine “reading your mind”? Companies are tracking and recording what you do, and younger people seem strangely untroubled by this.



GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN / USA - March 9, 2019: KISS performs live at Van Andel Arena.
Image Credit: Tony Norkus/Shutterstock.

Many a Boomer probably went to a concert by the rock band of the same name, but we’re not talking about that here. This is an acronym for “Keep It Simple, Stupid.” It’s good advice in a world where so many things have become way more complicated than they need to be.


Headphone Jacks

Stereo Earphone jack connect to smartphone.
Image Credit: Pushish Images/Shutterstock.

For about as long as cell phones have been able to play music, they’ve had jacks for headphones and earbuds. Now that wireless earbuds are a big thing, jacks are disappearing from some phones. Wonderful– another thing to always worry about keeping charged.



Man holding a tablet with tipping screen inside a restaurant.
Image Credit: Sadi-Santos/Shutterstock.

Few people object to tipping restaurant workers earning below the minimum wage; it’s long been an incentive to provide and reward good service. But what’s with tip jars everywhere you go now? Why are you supposed to tip someone who hands something across a counter to you?


Public Phone Usage

Young woman walking on the street in london.
Image Credit: Geber86/Shutterstock.

Boomers sometimes go a little overboard about manners and the lack of attention to them these days, but they’re not off the mark about phone etiquette. Two examples: the person loudly carrying on a conversation and the oblivious person glued to their phone while crossing traffic, shopping in the grocery store, etc.


Music in Public

Happy young African American woman passenger listening music via smart mobile phone in a train, Smile female wearing wireless headphones while moving in the tram, lifestyle, transportation.
Image Credit: oatawa/Shutterstock.

Why do some people seem to think everyone else wants to hear their music? One especially obnoxious example that Boomers are 100% right about is cyclists in public parks riding around with a speaker blasting music. Um, wireless earbuds?


Planned Obsolescence

Old out of date technology. Electrical items no longer of any use. Obsolete electrical waste for recycling.
Image Credit: Steve Allen/Shutterstock.

It’s a human thing that older people complain that things aren’t as good as they used to be, nothing’s built like it was before, etc. Despite that, planned obsolescence, which is the intentional manufacture of items meant to break or go obsolete within a few years, is a real thing. It’s a way of making you have to replace things before you used to have to.


QR Codes for Menus

Woman scanning the barcode qr code in restaurant or cafe.
Image Credit: Chiociolla/Shutterstock.

Whether this was to save money or be innovative (or both), it’s not just Boomers who find this annoying. And what if you have an older phone that doesn’t scan QR codes? Oh, but there’s an app you can download for that!

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